Joakim Noah Calls LeBron James a Bitch

LeBron James doing a little dance after scoring on the Bulls was all Joakim Noah could take during the Cavs’ blowout of the Bulls. Noah called out James from the bench as LeBron went to the foul line

NQTC says that Ric Bucher’s Twitter had a post saying: Sources @ the bench on what Joakim said to LeBron: “This is so ****ing old” + the clincher that got LJ coming at him: “You’re a b****.”

NQTC writes: “Whether you agree with him or not, you have to love the balls on Noah to call the NBA’s biggest superstar a bitch.” Oh I agree. Little dances are for losers. Rings are for men. Michael never did any dancing. He got in your face. Kobe doesn’t dance. Who does that? I guess LeBron. Maybe less dancing and more handshaking. Sound good, LeBron?