Nov 16, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose (1) shoots over Indiana Pacers point guard George Hill (3) during the second quarter at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Rose: Dividing Bulls Fans Everywhere!

Well Pippen Peoples let’s see, the Chicago Bulls have dropped $94 million dollars on Derrick Rose  and there’s still…NO PRODUCTION! This is BADOODLES! This is what a growing sentiment of the Bulls nation have said for the last two years.

Well Pippen Peoples let’s see, when Derrick Rose returns to the court healthy. The Chicago Bulls will be able to contend with the  Miami Heat and dethrone them as the Eastern Conference champions. That’s what the other sentiment of the Bulls nation has said for the last two years.

There were two articles that were done by Pippen Ain’t Easy recently. The first one was done by super sleuth staff writer Michael Rosenfeld a couple of weeks ago about Derrick Rose and his trying out this summer for Team USA named…Derrick Rose and Team USA: A Win/Win for the Bulls. I read the 14 comments that were under the article (by the way Pippen Peoples thanks for the comments! They are appreciated!) and a debate broke out. There were discussions over…

1) The details of his injury and how serious a torn meniscus injury is.

2) Then comments were laid out questioning whose a diehard Bulls fan or not.

3) The comparisons to other players such as Brandon Roy and Dwyane Wade, shoot even their own experiences.

4) When he should have come back last year.

5) My personal favorite and I quote “Medically/biologically speaking…your post makes no sense. Sorry.

Then I did an article a couple of days ago…NBA: Rumors: Derrick Rose! Linked To Everything! This piece talks about how every single decision that is going on with the Chicago Bulls now and in the future is directly tied into the health of Derrick Rose. We’re talking about the NBA Draft here, the impending free agency period coming up, all of the Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love rumors, everything here. I read the comments below. Dang Pippen Peoples!

We only need one comment here to make my point.

“Derrick Rose SUCKS! Not because he had an injury and not because I’m hating, he sucks because  he’s too cocky and to arrogant to see that if he doesn’t change his style of play, he’ll get injured AGAIN! And the Bulls will be handcuffed to the rest of  that 90 million deal for a player who they though t would be great, but ended up useless.”

This post sent everyone into a tizzy. I’m not going to write all of the responses because believe me, we’d all miss the NBA Draft on Thursday if I did. To see all the posts from these two stories just log on to Pippen Ain’t Easy and check them out.

Let’s get  this out-of-the-way quick, fast and in a hurry. Derrick Rose does not suck. Everybody in the NBA can play. I have played pick up ball with NBA players and anyone that has played with one at anytime in their lives will tell you that they are on a totally different level than we are mentally and physically. I remember playing with  Rodney Rogers back in the 90′s. He was so big and strong with speed to go with it, I was useless on the court playing against him. I’ve played with Tim Duncan literally thinking how am I going to get a shot off. When you get an idea of how big these guys are, you get an understanding of how hard it is to play in the NBA. These guys were playing pickup and they weren’t even trying.

As for the knee injuries. Stop trying to figure it out. No one knows what this man’s knee feels like. I’ve never had a knee injury and I thank my God Jesus Christ every time I leave a basketball court that I didn’t hurt my knees. I’ve planted  knees wrong and didn’t go up so I am lucky.

I have  witnessed someone blow their ACL out. Based on what he said it takes eight months to a year to REALLY get back from this injury. It was this point he made that tells me that Derrick Rose is working hard to get back on the court. He told me that you can’t half-step on rehab. If you do the knee will be in worse shape than it was before you injured it the first time. He told me the rehab is actually the hardest thing in life to go through sometimes.

Here’s the mistake that Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls made when the first injury occurred. He tried to rush back and make the playoffs. When he opened his mouth and said “I may make it back for the playoffs”. The Pandora’s Box was opened and he has been playing catchup ever since. In my opinion, D-Rose was guilty of two things…

1) Trying to be there for his teammates.

For all of the things being said about Derrick Rose, good or bad, you have never heard anything about him being  a bad teammate. There was an outpouring of support throughout the NBA pulling for Rose to get back. Trust me if he was dogging it Joakim Noah wouldn’t be able to hide his frustrations. Dig me.

2) Derrick Rose was trying to live up to his huge contract.

I don’t think we all realize the pressure that comes with a max contract. As soon as the ink dried on the $94 million dollar deal, the clock started ticking on Derrick Rose bringing a championship to Chicago. If you don’t think that pressure is real, take a look at Roy Hibbert. After signing his big deal, his game is hanging on a wanted poster in the U.S. Post Office. He’s 7’2 and can’t get rebounds on some nights.

The Bulls mistake…they allowed the scenario to get out without being sure.

Let’s all pump the brakes when it comes to Derrick Rose not coming back for this year’s playoffs. He was smart, the Bulls had no chance of making a championship run. If you have  an issue with what I just said go take a look at last year’s playoff roster and come back and finish reading this article. Derrick Rose was not going to be in-game shape and in rhythm to play intense playoff basketball. This was a good move. The only thing is this should have happened one year prior. Then maybe these debates wouldn’t be going on right now.

Now let’s talk about that contract. To all the Derrick Rose fans out there. You need to listen. Injuries happen, but that contract is killing the Bulls right now. It is inhaling salary cap space that is hurting the Bulls chances to provide depth for Rose in this so-called championship chase. Here’s why the “Rose haters” are so upset. They read over and over for the last few years that when D-Rose comes back the Bulls are going to be championship contenders. I know what these guys are thinking…

Yawn! Yeah sure, when?

These are fair questions. Like it or not. That’s what Derrick Rose or anyone who signs a max deal gets with all that money. If Carmelo Anthony came to Chicago and signed for 90 million dollars and sat the bench with injuries, would you be ready to light him up too?

I understand fully what Derrick Rose was talking  about when he said he was trying to get mentally ready before coming back to play for the Bulls. My question is what’s the difference of say…two months?

Derrick Rose is reportedly among the 28 players invited to the tryouts at the USA Mini Camp in Las Vegas at the end of July. He is trying to make the team to play I the FIBA World Championship this August in Spain.

Check out what head coach Mike Krzyzewski said to Andy Katz on the ESPNU College Basketball Podcast about Derrick Rose and his participation…

“He can’t make the team unless he’s ready to go full-bore. And knowing Derrick I would think he’ll be ready, and hopefully he’ll be 100 percent.”

Sure, and I can’t be Editor of this website if I can’t type. And my bosses think I’ll be ready to write the articles for Pippen Ain’t Easy and hopefully I’ll make the quota for articles each month. What you heard was a side-stepping sound bite. Coach K is not going to paint himself into a corner of having to put him on the team. Come on now!  The Bulls still have to pay Derrick Rose $60 million dollars for the duration of his contract. The U.S.A. pays well, let me put it this way, Close  your eyes. What do you see? Nothing? That’s what he’s getting paid. I know exactly what some of you are thinking. It’s an honor to play for your country. Sure but it’s profitable to be playing for the Bulls.

Finally, let’s all stop trying to compare this Derrick Rose that is coming back to the MVP of the past. He’s gone. The MVP Derrick Rose had two good knees (or good enough), this one has two injured ones. See the difference. As for Derrick Rose changing his game, what ever happened to evolving? If he has been doing what he’s supposed to do a professional basketball player, his game should be different anyway. Here’s what I think.

1) He needs to get more efficient.

Before the injuries, Rose could get away with athleticism. Not a bad thing because no one in the NBA could stay in front of him. That cross over could put a player in the parking lot. By the time he got back in the arena the ball was on the other end. Now the injuries have robbed some of the speed and quickness he had. He has to adapt. Period. If you want him to stay as your point guard Pippen Peoples let me tell you something, four turnovers is not a good thing. Bad knees or not.

2) He’d better take some of that money and buy a consistent jumper.

It’s not about the ridiculous 33% shooting and some change Derrick Rose shot from the field. It’s about opening up his game to all new heights. Knee injuries or not, Derrick Rose has a lightning quick first step. If he can put together a consistent mid range game, the rest of the NBA can call NBA commissioner Adam Silver and say that this dude is unfair to the NBA.

Going deeper into this subject, that does not mean running at top speed and shooting pull up jumpers. In this past campaign D-Rose used the pull up jumper to score an absurd 1/3 of the shots he took. That’s not a good look no matter who you are. According to SportVU, the better pull up shooters shoot in the mid to high 40 percent range. Derrick Rose shot 9.7 percent. I’ve always said if shooter shoot less than 4o percent they stink. How about less  than 10 percent? Ugh!

Now Derrick Rose  has to adapt to the fact the knees are weaker than they were three years ago. If Derrick Rose uses the angles on the basketball court while using his teammates as potential weapons in the offense, it will take the heat off him working so hard to get shots. His body  may have changed but those double teams he faces on a nightly basis won’t.

3) Be patient.

This is a make or miss league. This is a league were adjustments are a must. We ALL including Rose have to be patient. I say it all the time, anyone can shoot in an empty gym. It’s a little different when you have to play defense, rebound run the offense AND score. This will probably take half the season for Derrick Rose to get  acclimated to the NBA game after these injuries, so everyone chill.

It’ll be all right.

Editors Note:

Now that I have stated  my opinions on this subject, I do want to say this. When you do send comments, keep them classy. Let’s not get personal. We here at Pippen Ain’t Easy put together this website for Chicago Bulls fans to state their opinions in a way so they can have fun and most importantly learn about the game of basketball. It’s a Chicago Bulls fan site but not in the way a lot of other sites are. Pippen Ain’t Easy is going to keep it real with credible and knowledgeable information that you can use when your Bulls  are on the court. I want everyone to have a good time debating issues about the Bulls, not fighting. Believe me you are always not going to agree with me. That’s what makes this website unique.



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  • Tony B

    First and foremost I’d like to say I do believe Se will get mvp rose back. Maybe not as consistently as he was before but we will get him back and he’ll probably be smarter where instead of doing his famous acrobatic lay ups each time he may throw It to an open teammate.

    I don’t think his stats when he played this year meant anything. Once the season started and he couldn’t light it up as he did in the preseason I think he pressed a bit then when he repeatedly attacked the basket and got absolutely no free throws for how ever many games straight I think that affected him way too much where he was taking contested pull ups and just being a jump shooter but if you look at the Denver game and the Portland game he was coming around even in the Cleveland game defensively he was good.

    I’m not worried about D Rose I believe he will be good but just like before he injured himself he needs help and that help will not come in the form of Taj Gibson who doesn’t pass out the lost ever. I don’t think it’s a stretch whatsoever to say Rose can come back next year and average 20-22 points and 7-9 assist with the right group of offensive weapons. It’s just like the bears where every year we tried to rely on defense but eventually we need to Invest in some offensive players.

  • Leroy Boyd

    Believe or don’t no apologies either way .But state what you believe not what you hope or give excuses about how he should play or change his game to play the way you think he should.

    No matter how things go all this speculation is nothing but speculation most people will better judge him when they see him play. I assume every game nitiwit fans will be waiting for another season ending injury.

  • Jimbo

    Speculation is right. Everyone has thier opinion and can predict what d rose will be like but nobody knows s*** truly and that’s being real. People just HAVE to state thier opinion these days and feel like they know what’s going to happen but like stated above.. people just need to be PATIENT and just wait and see. It’s sucks that chicago feel In love with thier star player and then couldn’t see him play for 2 yrs..but nobody should be getting mad at d rose for getting injured. We were all fans of the mvp d rose and instead of the criticism and hatred we need to just let him do what he needs to do to get better and just be PATIENT. This kid is chicago born..from the streets and spent his whole life playing basketball and got the once in a lifetime chance to represent his city. There’s no question d rose wants to bring a championship to his hometown. Those who call him arrogant or say he’s doing It for the money need to just calm down a bit and see that this kid has shown nothing but heart for this game and his city. Yes the waiting always sucks..but d rose will be back people and his health is the most important thing if we want to see him playing again for years to come.

  • rightangle

    First let me say I loved Derek Rose and the way he played. Notice the past tense? I don’t love him so much now but still think he can be a top ten point guard by crashing into the bigs less(refs ain’t giving him those calls anymore) and learns how to pass better. Maybe he learned a little about the latter by watching DJ. DJ isn’t as athletic as DRose but he passes much better and has a more accurate shot. Everybody expects Anthony to take a pay cut to “help” the Bulls. Ok, but why should somebody that is proven top 3 scorer in the league have to take a pay cut when nobody asks the teams “leader” to take a pay cut. Anthony has proven a heck of lot more in his time with the league than Rose has. Rose won’t recruit. Why not? Isn’t that something a team leader does? Hello, Jo does it and everybody thinks it’s great. But when Rose doesn’t he just gets a pass by people saying “oh, that’s just his personality”. Well, sometimes you have to change your game and sometimes you have to change your personality to help the team.

    Rose couldt renegotiate his contract to give Chicago more cap space and he could recruit. Both would help his team regardless ov how well he does when he comes back. So he drops a few million in salary. He would be a hero and make double whatever he gives back in increased endorsements and good will. I’m just tired of everyone expecting Anthony to give up to make Chicago a real contender and nobody asks the same thing from the team leader that hasn’t even played that much as a pro compared to Anthony.

    • Jimbo

      First of all I think you should check your facts because d rose can’t renegotiate his contract it is not allowed. Not sure if this was k.c Johnson or another bulls reporter that stated this but I just saw this the other day so there goes that part of your plan. Nobody is forcing melo to take a pay cut if he doesn’t want to he can sign with the knicks for a max deal. its just all the bulls have to offer they gave d rose that contract before he got injured it’s not his fault for accepting what the bulls felt he deserved. Second Anthony has been in in the league MUCH longer so of course he had time to “prove himself” and within 3 yrs in the league d rose won mvp does that not count? Again you probably are taking your frustration out on derrick because you haven’t seen him play in 2 yrs but you see the hypocrisy in that? Why would him not playing bother you if you don’t like him anymore? This makes no sense. Instead of playing the blame game and lookin for somebody to be mad at about derricks and the bulls situation why not just wait and see exactly what happens when he comes back. If he comes back and looks great I’m sure many of you d rose ex – fans will be changing your tone.

      • rightangle

        If you read my post I simply said I don’t love him anymore but I really still like him a lot so there is no hypocrisy there. I really didn’t realize that he couldn’t do anything at all with his contract so in that context I excuse him. However, I don’t excuse the way he handled or let his brother handle the whole thing of “maybe I’ll be back” two seasons ago. Or the fact that he doesn’t want to recruit. It seems that some stars may be hesitant to come to Chicago because they have a perception they might not be welcomed by DRose. As far as the MVP thing goes. He was great that year but not sure he was deserving of the MVP tag. Anthony has been very consistent and healthy for a long time. But hey, Rose got the MVP and that’s all that counts and he should be congratulated. Just wish that he would do more to change his game more and recruit. Rondo has changed his game and has become a much better shooter to go along with his great passing. Rose needs to adjust more. From what I saw of his 10 games back it was more of the same crashing into the bigs expecting a call. When that didn’t work he resorted to pull up jumpers which didn’t go in much at all. Hit a few nice threes but not a huge percentage. I’m hoping he adjusts more so that he can extend his career or at least be functional for the rest of his contract. Maybe with another scorer to go to it will take some defensive pressure off Rose and he can move around the perimeter more freely and make some passes.

        • Jimbo

          10 games is not much of a sample aftwr he sat out for a year. His jumper did look much improved and if I’m not mistaken that portland game was d roses first 20 point game before he got injured. Also d rose was averaging 27 ppg and 7 apg that year he got mvp so I would definitely say he was deserving. And Reguarding anything reggie rose does that is sort of out of d roses hands as to how his brother handles things but in regards to your desire for recruiting reggie rose was the one last year who was trying to encourage the bulls to bring in some better players to surround derrick with. I understand people thinking he must change his game but only way to know that is seeing what he’s like when he’s back rather than assuming he hasnt. We haven’t seen him in practice maybe he has not only improved his shot but could be better in all aspects of his game. Only way to kno is to wait and see and hold back on the frustration until then.

        • Leroy Boyd

          Reading your reply I have to wonder do you have any grown older brothers or sisters that you can tell what to do? Or restrict what they say? So as for you not loving Rose anymore but you like him? Him does that work? So you think players are leary about coming to Chicago because Rose may not welcome them hmmm. I recall Rose saying on several occasions that he will play with anyone and he should not have to recruit since Chicago had the history, facilities and fans as good as any in the NBA and if they want to play for the it should be their choice.

          Rose change his game who do you want him to play like? Rose is not changing his game and if how he plays got you thinking about injuies maybe you should retire from watching him. I know if he thinks like you he probably should retire.

          • rightangle

            You need to look up the word naive in the dictionary and think about it.  Yeah, I’ve got an older brother and sister and I can’t tell them what to do.  But the big difference is that I don’t support them and they are not sucking off me like a leech. That’s what Derek’s brother is.  If not that at least he’s an employee and Derek could, again, tell him to shut the F up.  You asked me how it worked that I like Derek but I’m not in love with him anymore.  What’s so hard to understand about that.  Nobody is perfect and I kind of used to think he was but from what I’ve seen of how he handled things I stepped back and realized he’s not the greatest thing since sliced bread like some people think he is.  But I still like him and like to watch him play.
            Lots of players change their game when they find out they can’t do exactly the same physical things they used to and have any kind of longetivity.  Age is not the only factor but what kind of injuries you’ve had also play into it.
            You thinking that Derek shouldn’t have to recruit because that’s just not the way he is. Well,  “waaaaaaahhh, I don’t want to step outside of my comfort zone and do something for the team. That’s not me or part of my job description and they should come here because it’s a nice city on a lake”.  Hopefully, Derek will grow up or grow a pair and start doing what other team leaders do in the NBA.  I guess somebody should talk to Jo and tell him he’s a chump for trying to convince anyone to come and play with the Bulls.
            And as far as your comment about not watching the Bulls anymore.   Don’t know who you think you are telling other people they shouldn’t even watch because they find fault with some of the things the superstar does but one word describes it.  Immature.  I watch every single Bulls game and will continue to do so.  Doesn’t mean I have to agree with all the actions of the players or management.  Keep drinking the cool aid buddy.

          • Leroy Boyd

            You are asking me to look up a word that you should be in front of the mirror daily saying to yourself I am naive and I will continue to be naive because I think people with money or status should tell their older brother what to say. For you to think his brother should not be supported by him is crazy you have no idea what his brother has done for him to reach where he is. In fact I know you cant support your brother or sister simply because you cant.

            But to think because someone worth millions should not take care of his family is highly NAIVE. Idont where you are from or what your parents taught you about family first but you are more than NAIVE you are close to being stupid about family relationships.

            Here we many NBA players bring on and taking care of their Boys and you whining about Rose securing his families financial security.

            No I dont think Derrick should recruit if he chooses not to what the hell is Paxton snd Foreman’s job? The idea because the Miami 3 did it everybody should man please I dont see the Spurs doing it, those that fo good for them but itd not his job. I don’t recall MJ Bird Magic Isiah Thomas Dr.J Bill Russell or Jabber recruiting players. You have 3 players to do it now you think to improve the Bulls Rose should?

            You sound like a bitter kid if you cant beat them you join them? So am I to assume if you played any sport that you didnt win you would try to recruit other players who kicked your ass?

            Maybe you should go back and read what I said about not watching the games it had nothing to do with you disagreeing with anything.

            Drinking kool aid that was nice so you know growing up we were not allow to drink kool aid because of the amount of sugar it needed. Furthermore we are not going to agree on these issues ever. I just believe if you have it share with your family last Rose is not changing how he plays and he ain’t recruiting so get over it.

  • Leroy Boyd

    Lol damn lol