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Chris Webber's Advice to Carmelo Anthony: "Say NO to Chicago"

Chris Webber appeared on The Herd with Colin Cowherd this morning on ESPN radio. Colin and Chris discussed several NBA topics including the pending free agency of Carmelo Anthony. It was this subject and Webber’s opinion on the matter that stood out to me during the interview. Where does Webber think Carmelo should go? Well, apparently not Chicago:

“If I’m Melo, I’m definitely not going to Chicago, That’s just not the place to go. When D-Rose was healthy, they had terrible offense. Thibodeau is a great, great coach, but offensively you have to have an offensive-minded coach as well, someone who can adapt like a Popovich, who uses talent and not just harps on them that we’re going to play hard every night. Everybody can play hard every night, but can you play with the IQ, can you play with smarts every night?”

TIME OUT CHRIS! (Yeah, I went there)

The last two times the Bulls had a healthy Derrick Rose we were ranked 11th and 5th in offense. 11th and 5th. Not rankings that scream terrible to me Chris.

I also dispute the notion that Thibodeau is a one trick pony. While his reputation is that of a defensive coach, Thibodeau is good on the other side of the ball as well. Take this past season for instance, the Bulls ranked 10th in the entire league in assists per game. This is a team that plays unselfishly and moves the ball. These aren’t the characteristics of a poorly coached or low IQ team.

So where does Chris think Melo should go? Surprise surprise, he thinks Houston is the best fit for Carmelo.

“If I’m Melo, and not just because his coach is my friend, I’m going to Houston.”

Right, I’m sure the fact that Houston head coach Kevin McHale is your friend has nothing to do with this.

Look, Houston ranked second in the NBA last season is points per game. Carmelo’s greatest skill is scoring, The difference between Houston being a first round knock-out and a legit championship contender is not more offense. The Bulls on the other hand are an elite defensive team; they surrendered the least amount of opponent points per game this season and finished second in points allowed per 100 possessions. The Bulls have a championship caliber defense, their greatest need is scoring, Carmelo’s best skill.

I think Chris has a clear bias on his subject, as much as he tried to dismiss any biases, I feel the connection between him and McHale is clouding his judgment.

Webber, your agenda is showing, and Pippen Ain’t Easy is here to set the record straight.

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