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Chris Webber's Advice to Carmelo Anthony: "Say NO to Chicago"

Chris Webber appeared on The Herd with Colin Cowherd this morning on ESPN radio. Colin and Chris discussed several NBA topics including the pending free agency of Carmelo Anthony. It was this subject and Webber’s opinion on the matter that stood out to me during the interview. Where does Webber think Carmelo should go? Well, apparently not Chicago:

“If I’m Melo, I’m definitely not going to Chicago, That’s just not the place to go. When D-Rose was healthy, they had terrible offense. Thibodeau is a great, great coach, but offensively you have to have an offensive-minded coach as well, someone who can adapt like a Popovich, who uses talent and not just harps on them that we’re going to play hard every night. Everybody can play hard every night, but can you play with the IQ, can you play with smarts every night?”

TIME OUT CHRIS! (Yeah, I went there)

The last two times the Bulls had a healthy Derrick Rose we were ranked 11th and 5th in offense. 11th and 5th. Not rankings that scream terrible to me Chris.

I also dispute the notion that Thibodeau is a one trick pony. While his reputation is that of a defensive coach, Thibodeau is good on the other side of the ball as well. Take this past season for instance, the Bulls ranked 10th in the entire league in assists per game. This is a team that plays unselfishly and moves the ball. These aren’t the characteristics of a poorly coached or low IQ team.

So where does Chris think Melo should go? Surprise surprise, he thinks Houston is the best fit for Carmelo.

“If I’m Melo, and not just because his coach is my friend, I’m going to Houston.”

Right, I’m sure the fact that Houston head coach Kevin McHale is your friend has nothing to do with this.

Look, Houston ranked second in the NBA last season is points per game. Carmelo’s greatest skill is scoring, The difference between Houston being a first round knock-out and a legit championship contender is not more offense. The Bulls on the other hand are an elite defensive team; they surrendered the least amount of opponent points per game this season and finished second in points allowed per 100 possessions. The Bulls have a championship caliber defense, their greatest need is scoring, Carmelo’s best skill.

I think Chris has a clear bias on his subject, as much as he tried to dismiss any biases, I feel the connection between him and McHale is clouding his judgment.

Webber, your agenda is showing, and Pippen Ain’t Easy is here to set the record straight.

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  • Dewight Mitchell


  • Bobby Anderson

    Chicago is the best fit

    • Shawn Rakar

      MELO TO CHITOWN then we will be the best in the league!

    • XLR8

      Everyone knows Chicago is the best fit, why didn’t Webber say “Miami Heat, LA Lakers or any of his other choices”, he specifically pointed out Chicago and came out the gates with a terrible argument

  • Jimbo

    This guy is supposed to be a basketball analyst. It’s amazing how little he knows about the bulls. And then he goes out an states a moronic opinion like this based on ZERO knowledge about the team. Does c Webb get his Info from other reporters? WOW I’m amazed at how stupid he sounds. Just lost a lot of respect for this man. This is sad.

  • merry christmas charlie manson

    This fool talks about basketball iQ didn’t he call time out in the national title game costing Michigan

    • Justin Alexander Harr

      LMAO HAHAHA That comment made my day!

    • ricefield

      Yes, Chris “time out” Webber is known for his basketball IQ. That and following the rules of the NCAA and lying about breaking those rules. It would be interesting in Houston if Melo went there. Who is going to get mad first about not enough touches, Melo, Harden, or Howard? Also, who will play defense? Certainly not Harden or Melo.

      • XLR8

        Plus Houston is talking about flipping the entire roster just to acquire Carmelo, think about how much that will shake Houston, they are far from a sure thing if they have to give up too much. Not forgetting to mention James Harden is terrible in the playoffs, he has one of the worst season to playoff stats I’ve ever seen. He starts and ends the season as the best SG in the league and goes into the playoffs as the worst SG in the league.

  • Leroy Boyd

    Who gives a rats A what Webber thinks, how many rings does he have? In fact taking informstion from a guy who has nevee won anything and dont remember how many time outs his team has left yea listen to him.

    The majority of the NBA critics think Chicago is the best site for Melo now everybody is jumping on the Pop ship like he is the greatest thing since wheat bread. He is a good coach but when we talk great we have two at that level Red and Phil every body else is either good or ok

    • Anthony E Hinton

      Wait, why trash Pop on this post? Use your rotten eggs on Webbbbbbber (not enough b’s for that –)! But for the record, Pop is right up there with the other 2 you mentioned. Thibs will be there too, once they put the right pieces in place. Players have been hating on Chi-town M.J. left and some of these haters just can’t let go. Even if we don’t get Melo, a strong shooting guard and Mirotic will make the team a strong contender. The 2 main things to really go after are a strong SG who can help spread the floor (i.e. a young version of Rip Hamilton) and a strong bench to spell the starters. That’s it!

      • Leroy Boyd

        Not trashing Pop just saying now all of a sudden everybody is back jumping as if he created a new form of basketball. You say he is right uo there with Red and Phil come on man do you actually believe that? We are talking 8 straight and 11 titles.

        Rotten eggs on Webber come on man he still pissed from when the the Bulls 3-0 his ass in the play-offs and he thinks Melo should do he Rockets because he is tight with McHale please. Thibs will get there one day well I dont chickens before the eggs hatch. Last 2 years the talk was about Spo being a great coach and if Heat had won 3 in a row we would not be talking pop but about Spo and him on the mountain.

        Yea you are right about these former players hating on the Bulls since that team of players left the league but those same players won nothing while MJ was in the league and nothing while he was out of the league.

        To see the Bulls come back to dominance would hurt as much as some nitwit who thinks ge can tie a 2000 pound rock to their neck and be buck naked and thinking they can swim lake michigan and wont get wet or drown

        • Anthony E Hinton

          Leroy, I really think people forget what kind of players Red and Phil were working with. Phil never coached a teams that didn’t have enough star power to get a title, and the same can be said about Red because he was smart enough to load his team with all black guys when the league was predominately white. It was almost comical the way his teams bullied the old NBA. I give Red props for seeing the future, but Red and Phil had advantages that no other team had like Russel, Jordan, Shaq, and Kobe. Pop is doing his thing with average players. Ginobili, Parker, and Duncan are great players, but would have never gotten past the Heat without great coaching and preparation from Pop. I can also add Riley into the mix and say that those 4 coaches are the best in the business. If the Spurs didn’t win, it would be a conversation for the Heat’s coach as you stated, but here we are; Pop did it with three old guys and a new group of talent that bought into the system. His record is hall of fame good, and what other coach has five rings with the same team other than Red, Phil, and Pop? I’m asking because I can’t think of any and I don’t feel like googling it.

          • Leroy Boyd

            It’s John Kundla of the Lakers. Plus you are so right about Phil and Red. The idea that the Spurs won with 3 old guys come on man they exposed the heat. The Heat were exposed because they did not have enough talent to beat the Spurs it final caught up with them whereas when the 3 could not score 90 points they were going to get beat. Yea the Spurs have a second unit which just toasted the Heat and who did the heat have nothing.

            Now Riley is throwing out hints to Bron to stay the heat have little money to spend and will Mills stay? What would really astonish me is to see the Spurs mske it to 3 straight finals with 3 old men. This summer is going to change several teams for the good bad or not at all.

          • Anthony E Hinton

            You know I use to get a lot of facts wrong before Google and Wiki. Now that we’ve exhausted this topic, how do you see the Bulls getting better this summer?

          • Leroy Boyd

            Bulls getting Better Melo without giving up Taj or Butler picks yea I give both of them plus Boozer and Dunleavy. Having a line up of Rose Butler Melo Gibson and Noah is solid.
            Now adding 3 second unit players will be a big issue. I am tired of blank shooting Kirk but who can the Bulls get with a small amount of money left. If possible I like to see tge Bulls resign DJ have Snell on second unit plus sign Blantche and already with Gerg Smith now they have to find a SF for the 2nd unit. But the summer is something I am waiting on

          • Anthony E Hinton

            I think the Pat Riley comments to his players and the NBA world might give Melo a reason to stay in NY and take that extra money. If that happens then the Bulls should go after a floor spacing shooting guard with ball handling skills like Livingston from the Nets, move Butler to the 3, Dunleavy to the bench, and use the Boozer dumping assets to build a solid bench. Playing the starters less minutes with a strong bench will give the Bulls the type of team they had in year 1 of the Thibs era. Shooting wasn’t the real problem for this team this past season, it was floor spacing. Adding a lanky ball handler to play beside Rose who can shoot, drive, defend, and pass would open up the floor for easy shoots. A bench of Augustin, Snell, Dunleavy, Mirotic, and Smith would be a coaches dream for a second unit. Keep your draft picks or trade up for the best player available and get to work. If Rose is just 80 percent with this line up, they’ll still be way better than this past season, and by play off time; the Bulls will be a nightmare from every position.

          • Leroy Boyd

            Lol Pat Riley will have about as much impact on Melo as you or I would. I have seen Livingston since his HS days and he has never bern a space player.i dont think he the answer at the 2 simply because his game is not floor spacing its similar to Rose but without the speed.

            The Bulls need a scorer at the 2 Livingston would be a great second unit guy but after the year he had the Bulls cant afford him. No way is he coming cheap.

            Outside of Melo I dont see tjat wing player out there thst can impact the Bulls.

          • Anthony E Hinton

            True about Riley, Livingston, and – Melo being the only wing that appears to be available, but, and this is a big but; if we could find that one guy out there to space the floor, we’d be set. I still think Phil Jackson will play on what Riley said and find a way to keep him because in 2015 they will have the cap space to get better, and at 30 years old, 30 million is going to be hard to pass up. I’m just trying to figure out what plan B is because the next 2 weeks are high excitement for teams trying to get better. The Bulls are so close right now and I’d really like to see them add the missing link and go for broke next season.

          • Leroy Boyd

            Rodney Stuckey is out there. We will know Melo’s plan Monday if he opts out or not. I dont know what Phil can tell him if he wants to win. The knicks no matter what Phil says to him will the Knicks be able to win within the next 3-4 years?

            Melo has stated several times this time money is not the issue but winning is, so we will see what he really intends to do. Plan B who knows what the Bulls will do we all know that they as secret as the CIA when it comes to information about personnel.

            I believe that the Bulls will go for broke this summer its Melo or whatever second plan they have will come into view once Melo makes a decision where he wants to go.
            The entire basketball world knows he goes to the Bulls the Bulls become one of the elite teams even Chris Webber knows this and furthermore Melo winning a title what does that do to Chris Webber, when he has to answer about him thinking that Melo should have went to Houston.

          • Anthony E Hinton

            There are so many professionals that just don’t want the Bulls to succeed. I never knew what a hater Webber was until now. I wouldn’t mind Stuckey as a plan B, but, man, Melo in Chi-town would set the NBA world on fire. Putting Melo at the 3 and keeping the other 4 starters would really set the Bulls over the top! The only issue following that would be a solid bench to give the starters proper rest over the full season so they’ll be fresh for the playoffs. Pop was fined when he first started resting his stars, but he got it right by resting his guys and limiting minutes because they don’t make NBA players like they use to. We’ll start seeing a lot more of that with these elite teams. This new breed is full of soda and preservatives; causing their bones and bodies to break down sooner and sustain more injuries. I think M.J. was injured once, Pippen wasn’t out much, and Rodman was running on vodka kamikazes and high octane crazy! Labron and Melo seem like old school superstars built to last, but many of the others just keep falling down!

          • Leroy Boyd

            So true the Bulls still dominate media outlets with possible additions to the team that everyone with a small amount of basketball knowledge knows Melo to the Bulls not only changes the east but the entire NBA.

            Many of these former players know that if the Bulls get that missing piece it could lead to several titles simply because of how they play.

            Not only would it enhance the Bulls but could start with players who have a special skill that could improve the Bulls would want to come to Chicago.

            Even with Rose out 2 years his jersey sells are 4th what would he Melo and Noah’s jerseys do with an NBA title.

            Secondly the Bulls are young and hungry and Thibs once he wins 1 that title will be past news the day after its over. He is the most dangerous coach to have winning a title because he will go into the summer getting ready like they were in the lottery.

            Furthermore Jerry Reinsdorf will spend money to keep the title run going. I dont think he will allow the team to go backwards like he allowed Krause to end the Bulls run in 98

  • Bubba Shrimp

    F*%k Chris webber…

  • Lolo Getlo Lafleur

    So C. Webb are you saying this from a champion’s perspective or nah?

    • youngfunds

      If it wasn’t for kobe an Shaq he probably would of had 2 rings lol

  • Shawn Rakar

    Webber just mad he called “time out” in that Michigan game.

  • Erica29405

    He would’ve been better saying that the Jordan and Pippen statues would haunt him and the dynasty of the team would be a lot of weight to carry. I fully expected to read that when I clicked the link. Or he could’ve just said that he would prefer that Melo play under has good friend McHale. He really made himself look foolish.

  • Ralph Glover

    “Everybody can play hard every night, but can you play with the IQ, can
    you play with smarts every night?” This is a Chris Webber quote! Chris
    Webber! The same Chris Webber who has such a high IQ that he lost the
    NCAA championship game for his team by calling a time out that the team
    did not have. Did you think we forgot Chris?

    • jayharle

      Whenever I hear Chris Webber speak, to me, he sounds like one of those annoying Facebook posts you see from people who try to say things that sound SO DEEP and MEANINGFUL. But it comes off as sounding rehearsed, like he’s reading from a queue card or something…

  • Tabis

    Surprised he actually played in the nba

  • Dcbos

    Looking at Chris’s career; if he’d
    have played hard he’d have been great and not just a 2nd tier star.

  • Jawo

    Look who’s giving an advice!!!! #cwebb#ringless!!

  • Steven

    Sacramento Queens

  • fm30

    Chicago or Indiana, Melo!

  • EJMF1

    Another one of these ex-ballplayer “analyst” talking heads. They either must know somebody, or a producer somewhere thinks these guys have name value, because 7 out of 10 of these clowns have only a Sportscenter level knowledge of the game, they can’t talk, and they’d rather laugh and tell war stories about their playing days than do actual analysis. And when they had Webber doing color during games….. brutal! Stinks in the studio, stinks in the booth.

  • Shawn Mathena

    C Webb doesn’t even know you can’t call a timeout when your team is “out of them”….IQ?

  • DirtySouthOne

    You are right C Webb, I would pick Houston over Chitown and the bound to get injured again D rose and their clueless coach who only played Boozer 20 minutes a game.