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Derrick Rose and Team USA: A Win/Win for the Bulls

After another lost season due to injury, Derrick Rose is reported to be eyeing the Team USA Mini-Camp in Las Vegas at the end of July for his latest return. The week-long mini-camp serves as a tryout for the 12 participants who will represent Team USA at the FIBA World Championship this August in Spain. Rose’s participation in this event can only be seen as a positive, whether he makes the team or not, a motivated Derrick Rose will emerge from Las Vegas.

The team, coached once again by Mike Krzyzewski of Duke, will invite 28 players to attend the tryouts in late July. Krzyzewski for one, is positive about Rose’s participation, when speaking with Andy Katz on the ESPNU College Basketball Podcast, Coach K offered up his thoughts on Rose saying:

“He can’t make the team unless he’s ready to go full-bore. And knowing Derrick I would think he’ll be ready, and hopefully he’ll be 100 percent.”

If Rose is able to make the team he will have done so on the merit of his play; which would be great news for Bulls fans as it would signal Rose’s ability to compete with elite talent. If Rose fails to make the team, well my glass is always half full.

Rose has found motivation throughout his short career from slights, perceived or real, being left off the Team USA roster would serve as a great motivator for Rose to prove his worth throughout the season.

Rose was a key contributor to the 2010 USA Team that won gold in the last FIBA World Championships. The tournament would be a great opportunity for Rose to shake off the rust after another long layoff in an environment that wouldn’t be completely dependent on him to carry the load.

I will be following the team selection closely and am anxious to learn which other point guards will be attempting to make the team. If Rose lands a spot on the roster Bulls fans will get the opportunity to see him live and in action as Team USA is scheduled to play Brazil in an exhibition game on August 8th at the United Center in Chicago.

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  • Bobby Anderson

    I’m so tired of Rose and his back and forth. He needs to produce!!

    • Joey Fas

      What? His “back and forth”? What does the even mean, douche?

    • Leroy Boyd

      He will when he returns than what?

  • Brian

    I’m a diehard bulls fan, but honestly I don’t think he should even be given the satisfaction of playing for team USA considering he missed the whole year with a torn meniscus… That’s a 2-4 week injury… If he can’t get on the court for his team, why should he rewarded with a chance to play for team USA. Coach Thibs is enabling him to collect a free paycheck thru the season and halfway thru say he isn’t going to play at all the rest of the season but he can play this summer… Rose, you’re a helluva talent when you put forth the effort, but I think it socks you can’t put forth the effort to play for the bulls but you can for team USA… What are you gonna do if you get hurt this summer, sit out another season?

    • Kevin Woods

      Brian…..a 2-4 week injury?

      Perhaps……but only if you do what Dwayne Wade and Brandon Roy did; they had their meniscus REMOVED? The result? Wade is a part-time player with occasional flare-ups in his knee…..and Roy is retired. And both men have arthritic conditions in their knees….which will last a lifetime….or until they have their knee joints replaced.

      Rose, one the other hand, had his meniscus….**REPAIRED**….and that includes a longer (but fare more complete) healing process. That means…..he should not have an arthritic condition in his knee down the road.

      Jus’ sayin’……but it helps to know the specifics.

      • ThaWindy

        Not to mention the kid was balling before he got hurt…

        In hindsight, I believe Rose should’ve came back when cleared to play last season like Iman and Rubio. That way he would’ve got all the kinks out in time for the beginning of the season. I believe he didn’t like the feeling of not being as fast but thats just the reality of not having an ACL anymore. However, it is common to have a second knee injury, in the opposite knee, after tearing an ACL.

        Hopefully Rose is well now and will be back to silencing y’all haters real soon.

        • Kevin Woods

          Rose’s torn meniscus was a fluke, IMO. You should be able to find video on YouTube when he hurt the right knee…..

          Also, subsequent knee injuries to the ‘good’ knee after an ACL tear is almost always ligament damage, not cartiledge damage like with Rose.

          Finally…..Rose had the ACL replaced with tissue from elsewhere (I think the hamstring) on his body. Essentually, the transplanted tissue stabilizes the knee as well (or better) than his healthy ACL would’ve.

          Basically, there’s no medical reason why Rose can’t return to form…’s all mental from here on out.

          • ThaWindy

            Yea, ACL, MCL, cartilage tears, etc, are flukes. You can tear your ACL just by walking. No matter how good the surgery or surgeon, nothing can be better than your ACL, its reason god put it there. Doctors like to say it can be better but IMO it’s not. It is all mental which is another reason why he should’ve came back last season.

          • Kevin Woods

            “No matter how good the surgery or surgeon, nothing can be better than your ACL, its reason god put it there.”

            And you know this……how?

            Also…..I know of no world-class athlete who has torn an ACL simply by “walking”. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it ain’t never gonna happen without that ACL already being damaged.

            Medically/biologically speaking…..your post makes no sense. Sorry.

          • ThaWindy

            Well I’m speaking from personal experience. So if you haven’t had the surgery preformed that means I know a lot more than you.

            Regardless, if your a world class athlete or not you dont have to do anything strenuous to tear an ACL is my point. Tony Allen tore his ACL coming down from a missed dunk. I tore mine just by pivoting on D playing at the top of a two-three zone. My doctor told me that it was common to have a injury to your opposite knee because the stronger leg subconsciously works harder to make up for the weakness in the repaired knee. (Its like when you fall you brace with your hands, like when DWade swung Rondo to the ground) Though I didnt receive the best rehab money could buy, you still have to work the same muscle in your injuried leg, your quad. They didnt take a piece from my hamstring but my patella and I think they did the same for Rose.
            To reassure me they told me that my knee could be strong than before because I have a tendon where my ACL use to be. A tendon is strong than a ligament.

          • Kevin Woods

            And……you’re assuming that I don’t PERFORM the surgery…..that I’m not an orthopedic surgeon. You’re just gonna assume that…..right? Be careful on what you assume.

            In any case…..neither yourself or Tony Allen appear to have torn your ACLs simply by walking.

            Additionally, everything you’ve mentioned validates what I stated earlier.

            BTW….you do know that the hamstring is a set of tendons….right?

            And you do know that the ‘gold standard’ in ACL reconstruction/replacement is NOW to use a piece of the hamstring…..right?

            Your story tells me that you most likely injured your ACL several years ago……..

            Jus’ sayin’….

          • ThaWindy

            No, I was assuming that you’d never torn your ACL and I assumed correctly.

            And Im confused. First you say my comments make no sense but then you say they validate your point?

            IF hamstrings/patellas were “better” than ACL’s then I’d assume athletes/people would be replacing their ACL’s with hamstrings.

            No way your a surgeon.

          • Brian

            Exactly… He mentioned that his knee was good to go. The thing that infuriates me is it was mentioned that he wasn’t mentally ready to return to the bulls and is being shut down for the season, yet he and the coach were anticipating his return to team USA this summer… If you can’t put your focus on returning to help your team during the regular season and post season why should you set your sights on returning for a team that should be considered to the guys that played their hearts out all season? IMO, Rose shouldn’t be honored with the opportunity, because others are more deserving this year… Recover quick arena get back out to help the bulls before you play and risk hurting yourself again… Go Bulls

  • Leroy Boyd

    I think you are delusional as they come to even think that a meniscus injury is a 2-4 week injury. The Bulls and Rose took the smart road by repairing it rather than shaving it. Why you shave it you will have issues later in your career ask DWade. Secondly you about as much a die heart Bulks fan as some nitwit who thinks he/she can jimp off the top of the Willis Tower with no parachute and live.

    Third you actually think Rose and the Bulls did not want him to play? What kind of die heart fan thinking is that? Did you hear what Thibs said about Rose playing for team USA? Did you hear what Coach K said? Please die heart Bulls fans control your displeasure and not try to control what the Bulls and Rose determine is the best move for his career. Its not your career die heart but his and the Bulls investment. I doubt very seriously if you are even a sesason ticket holder or even attend games. But you feel ok in trying to make your opinion about Rose as something valid.