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Hold Up! The Cleveland Cavaliers Won The Lottery Again?!!!!!!

The Cleveland Cavaliers won the 2013 NBA Draft Lottery. Wait a minute. The calendar says 2014. Hold up, Cleveland won the lottery again?!!! Lightning struck for the Cleveland Cavaliers (again) winning the rights to the No. 1 pick in the 2014 draft during the drawing on Tuesday night. The draft is set for June 26.

For the third time in four years and the second straight year, the Cavaliers will be on the clock to make the first pick. The Cavaliers chose Kyrie Irving out of Duke in 2011 after that LeBron James dude took his talents to South Beach. This past year the Cavaliers got their GM Chris Grant and head coach Mike Brown fired by selecting Anthony Bennett out of UNLV. Umm let me check again because I do not want to get this wrong, Cleveland won the NBA Lottery…again!

I’m in total disbelief (among others) because the Cavaliers jumped from the No. 9 position with a 1.7% chance of getting the top pick…again! David Griffin, the Cavaliers GM said it was a defining moment. Sure, like  the prior two times weren’t. It might seem like I’m rambling but are you kidding me? The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Lottery AGAIN!

Kansas Jayhawks teammates Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid and Duke forward Jabari Parker are considered the top three picks in most mock drafts. After drafting the biggest bust this side of Greg Oden, the Cleveland Cavaliers probably will have to go with the no-brainer pick and select Andrew Wiggins.

This is a cautionary tale against tanking. Milwaukee finished with 15 wins and will pick second. Philly made SportsCenter’s top story every night just because of their losing streak will pick third.

Three lottery picks switched franchises during the lottery.

1) The Charlotte franchise not only received a new name (Hornets) but a new lottery pick from the Detroit Pistons. The Hornets received the number nine pick via the trade deal involving Ben Gordon. The pick was top eight protected so the Pistons fell out of the top eight and were as shocked as I was when Cleveland won the lottery…again!

2) The Philadelphia 76ers received the No.10 pick from the New Orleans Pelicans as a part of the 2013 trade involving Jrue Holiday. That pick was top-five protected. I guess you can add this pick to the 1,103 other picks the 76ers have collected.

3) The Magic received the No. 12 pick from the Nuggets–via the Knicks (ugh!)–as part of the 2012 trade involving Dwight Howard.

The Chicago Bulls will pick 16th and 19th. Lets the rumors fly and the conspiracy theories begin. Pippen Ain’t Easy will be breaking down the possible college talent that is still available around the time Chicago gets their picks.

But I know what you guys are thinking, you know that we are not alone in thinking this. CLEVELAND WON THE LOTTERY AGAIN?!!!

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