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Pippen Really Ain’t Easy…In New York???

Well it looks like Pippen really ain’t easy these days huh? According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, the word around the campfire is that New York Knicks general manager Steve Mills met with Scottie Pippen at the NBA draft combine for a couple of minutes discussing a position in Phil Jackson’s country club… I mean the New York Knicks organization. His position more likely than not will be an assistant coach job.

Scottie Pippen, who won six titles with the Chicago Bulls under current President Phil Jackson if hired further proves that whomever coaches the New York Knicks will be implementing the triangle offense that is near and dear to Jackson’s heart. After Steve Kerr did an about-face and took his talents that we haven’t seen yet to Golden State, the leader in the clubhouse now reportedly is Derek Fisher.

If Scottie Pippen does join the Knicks, it is another brick to the foundation to build the Knicks back to respectability. If anything, it shows soon to be free agent Carmelo Anthony that Jackson is serious about turning things around. Carmelo in my opinion is a challenge to coach at times and Phil realizes that a seven time All-Star and one of the NBA’s 50 greatest players will be able to reach Melo if he decides to stay in a Knicks uniform. But to cross the bridge, he’s going to have to learn the triangle offense, which is the toll.

Scottie Pippen did have a statement about joining the Knicks to The Post…

” I haven’t talked to Phil, I have to wait until that time comes. Right now nothing’s out there. I’m not going to say whether I’m interested or not until it happens.”

What I got out of it is this. When I get  back from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s wedding, and set up a meeting, I will snatch me up a job with the quickness. Oh, like you guys didn’t know that Scottie’s wife and Kim Kardashian are BFF’s. Oh maybe it is just me.

Seriously Pippen Peoples, if this is true (I really believe it is) it might be time to let the Carmelo Anthony dream go for real. The Knicks do not have a lot of assets going into next year but at least a plan is being executed, whatever that is. Phil Jackson is going to roll with his inner circle going forward and I believe that Carmelo will be a part of what Phil Jackson is putting together.

If these two can accomplish in New York what they did in Chicago. The New York Knicks fans can stop looking to old Willis Reed video for happiness. Teaming up with Michael Jordan they dominated the 90′s with six titles in eight years. A time that Chicago fans have been holding onto lately for comfort. Here’s a layout of some of Scottie Pippen’s accomplishments.

Named to the NBA All Defensive First Team eight consecutive years.

Named to the All-NBA First Team three times.

He was a  seven time All-Star (1994 MVP)

Named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History in 1996-97.

Original Dream Team member

Inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame…twice.

As the website is named…Pippen Ain’t Easy.




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  • Leroy Boyd

    Again you are just clucking, give up the idea of acquiring Melo because Scottie MIGHT I say MIGHT join Phil staff in NY please that dont mean do do neither Scottie is going to play nor Phil coaching. I undetstand now all your whining about Melo staying in NY hell you are a knick fan and you are drinking the Phil kool-aid by the gallon.

    I believe I order for Phil to.get Melo to stay he has to make some trades get rid of the do do on the team. Now that might be the move that could make sure Melo stay. No moves no trades no draft picks same team same results. Ok next summer a chance I say a chance just like the Bulls who have a chance to sign Melo. You are well informed about the Knick organization Melo stays what is the time table that the Knicks could become title ready? Whereas the Bulls with Melo are ready right damn now.

    a lot of reports, Media, and fans are hollering Chicago, Chicago, Chicago to sign Melo and for Melo to go there but he still could leave NY for Houston,Dallas or LA. So Chicago seems to be the front runner but we dont know what Melo will do snd I dont think a
    non player Scottie Pippen who you describe all his greatness as if Bull fans dont have them set in their hearts already but again he aint playing and Phil and coaching. So you can be one of these front runners and think its over for the Bulls acquiring Melo. You know Chicago has a lot of fat ladies and we have locked them up and taped their mouths so wobt be so singing until Melo makes a decision

  • Pupman

    Restricting the search for coaches and coaching assistants for the Knicks to those who played under Phil Jackson is insane. The Knicks need the best coach out there who could work with Phil Jackson. Jeff Van Gundy is a proven entity. Scottie Pippin makes no sense. Next we’ll hear that they want to interview Kobe or Shaq or Magic Johnson for the job. There needs to be an expanding of the horizons. Tapping a Jeff Van Gundy would be a meeting of the minds. He could learn the triangle because he already believes in the principles of the triangle – spread the floor and pass the ball. Jeff has said today on the ESPN’s Ian O’connor show as reported by Bleacher Report “If Phil Jackson ever wanted to talk basketball with me, which, listen, who knows if that’s true, but if he ever did, of course I would take the time, because I’m sure I could benefit from the conversation.” Phil and Jeff could do great things together. Things would improve immediately. Forget Scottie Pippin and Kurt Rambus (a coaching failure), and Fisher (although Fisher would be a good assistant coach, though they would have to pay him like a coach for him to accept the position). Jeff Van Gundy is your man NY. He is a proven basketball mind and strategist. Don’t let this one go. If it works, the upside is a mile high.