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Derrick Rose Leaving Door Open For Return?

Frankly, I’m tired of this conversation. After every slight indication of progress is made, there’s a plethora of  unnecessary analysis to try to determine whether or not Derrick Rose will make his return this season. Just like last year.

Derrick Rose, as well as the rest of his teammates and key members of the franchise, were part of a red carpet media session for the 25th annual “An Evening with the Chicago Bulls’’ charity gala at the United Center.

“I haven’t even had a chance to think about it to tell you the truth,’’ Rose said on Wednesday. “I’m just worrying about my next stage in this process, and that’s running right now. I’m on the AlterG [anti-gravity treadmill] right now and running on that. Hopefully be running without it pretty soon.’’

When Rose was again pressed on why he was still keeping it open, he replied, “I’m not keeping it open. I just said right now I’m not thinking about it. I can’t think about it right now. I’m not running yet. When I get off the AlterG that’s when I’ll consider coming back or not.’’


Rose was also asked  where he was in his rehab schedule,

“I haven’t even asked,’’ Rose said. “We haven’t even talked about it. I just come in every day, six days a week and do all my work. And I’ll see how far it will take me when I step back on the court.

“I’m feeling good. It’s feeling good, it feels normal. It’s an easier process [than the rehab from the torn ACL was] for sure, but I’m able to walk. It feels normal right now, but I know it’s not there.’’

Tonight was the first time Rose has spoken with media since his Dec. 5th press conference.

Bulls’ general manager Gar Forman reiterated tonight that the organization is still operating under the premises that Rose is out for the season

“We’re still working on the premise that he’s out for the year. And everything with his rehab is on schedule and he’s doing well. But that’s the premise we’re working under.’’

On a lighter note, Rose also discussed playing for Team USA this summer.

“Yeah, for sure,’’ Rose responded, when asked if that was in his plans. “If my leg is feeling healthy and I’m there, I’m all in. Of course I want to play for that team. Playing for that team I think it helped the year I won MVP, just getting in a groove. So I’m excited if I am able to play in it.’’

Many of Rose’s answers left a slight crack to the return hoopla. As if he’s not even sure himself. He was vague to the point where it can be argued that he came out there tonight with rehearsed answers. But whatever the case, I wouldn’t expect to see Rose in uniform this season

Check out his Bulls TV red carpet interview here.


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  • Leroy Boyd

    I think the idea or any rumors about Rose coming back should be put under the table. The Bulls
    management have already stated that he is out for the year and this continued asking him is a waste of time.

    we are assured of one issue about him coming back and its for the summer USA team. But like he has said If he is physically ready he is playing. Other wise we know he will be ready when camp opens up.

    personally I am hoping that he is ready for this summer so that participation will prepare him for the season. I dont know what he be able to do this season if he came back? We saw what he was able to do and how it was taking him extended games to start being Derrick Rose, and anyone who thinks he will just come off that injury snd be the great player is on medication


    Stop. Rose is out for the season. Part of the whole problem with last season was the media/adidas manufacturing this story, and the Bulls not getting ahead of it in the first place. Coming of an torn ACL and a re-attached meniscus is not something that can be taken lightly.Rose needs to get healthy. Everyone saw him struggle in his return to the hardwood. There’s no way he gets cleared, gets in game shape, re-adjusts to the speed of the league, and returns to All Star/MVP level by playoff time. He’s out for the season with a slow healing injury. Just accept it, and respect the team that is on the floor working their behinds off for Chicago and Bulls Fans everywhere.