Bulls' Should Resign D.J. Augustin

D.J Augustin has been one of those good players with great potential who unfortunately got faded into the background. Though averaging double digits with the team who drafted him in 2008, The Charlotte Bobcats, he was overlooked. After his time in Charlotte, he signed with the up and coming Indiana Pacers as a solid backup behind George Hill. Despite having a good playoff run, the Pacers chose not to re-sign him and Augustin moved on to sign a 1-year deal with the Toronto Raptors.

The Bulls’ entered the 2013-2014 season with championship hopes. Unfortunately, they were quickly diminished when star PG Derrick Rose went down with yet another knee injury. Plans changed. Dreams crushed. Expectations lowered. The front office of the Bulls’ organization had some moves to make. One of those moves included trading F Luol Deng to the Cleveland Cavaliers which freed up cap space for the signing of future players.

The Bulls’ had been going through a rough patch when they signed Augustin, losing games they shouldn’t have been to teams such as the Bucks, Jazz, Pistons and the Knicks. In addition, they were plagued with injuries and the available group of guys just weren’t getting the job done.

But something just clicked.

The Bulls are 15-8 with their most recent impressive effort against the Phoenix Suns on the road  where D.J. Augustin had 18 points, which included three fourth-quarter 3-pointers. And that’s just the surface of what Augustin has brought to the Bulls’ offense. He has an exceptional ability to know where his teammates are on the floor and set them up for quality shots.

I think it’s fair to say Augustin contributed to bringing life back to Bulls’ basketball. Behind players like Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson, Augustin helped revive a season that had some ‘fans’ screaming “TANK THIS SEASON!” Augustin currently averages 14 points and 6 assists with a 42.3 field goal percentage, consistent stats that continue to trend upward as the season progresses.

D.J would be an ideal backup behind a healthy Derrick Rose next season. He can’t only create shots for his teammates, but he can find ways to get open shots for himself.

Side note: Does D.J remind anyone else of Derrick Rose? As far as their game is concerned? They both have similar game in transition, great speed, the ability to get shots in the paint and run the offense efficiently.

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  • tdh

    CHI will have some cap space assuming they follow-through on Boozer’s likely amnesty and after the loss of Deng. If they spend some on Mirotic coming to the NBA beyond the MLE then this will take away some dollars leaving some amount remaining to lure a starting SF to fill that void in the roster. If they go after a superstar max contract that could mean other players leave to fill that need. Mike D, Gibson, Butler, Snell, etc could be on the table if trading for a max contract. DJ could be the odd-man-out in this situation despite proving he belongs in the NBA and can contribute this season. I don’t know CHI will have the best deal available to offer depending on what happens with the trade deadline then using the draft to fill some roster spots (2 first round picks could both be useful players), but if they have the money, he is a much better insurance policy for DRose. However, Kirk could be signed with a vet minimum exception which offers a bit more money than DJ could be offered by a minimum contract. That alone could make the difference in what CHI can get from the market under the CBA. There is possibility that either could be back next season as the backup, but without a max FA signing it is also possible that FA resolves the SF need and leaves the possibility of using the draft to obtain a PG backup. DJ really has no assurances right now. His play right now is making sure that some team will pick him up should he need to leave CHI.


    Doubt this guy gets signed to a new contract in Chicago. Yes. He resurrected his barely breathing career in a Bulls uniform. That being said… he took the veteran minimum and has out performed that contract. Also, the Bulls are not under the salary cap at the moment which means there isn’t really any way to out bid other suitors for his services. Amnestying Boozer gives the Bulls some room to chase free agents. Just don’t expect it will be enough room to chase Mirotic, Carmelo, Stephenson, AND add Augustin back into the mix. Yes, he’s the perfect backup to Derrick Rose. That being said, he probably wants to be more than that. DJ Augustin deserves the chance to be a starter in the NBA. He won’t get that in Chicago.