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Derrick Rose Return Repeat?

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For many, the recent news that Derrick Rose is anticipating playing ball this summer in the World Championships in Spain was somewhat of a short-lived excitement. With that, it can be assumed Rose will be participating in Team USA’s mini camp in July. It was great to know that Rose was looking to the future and looking to get back on the court. But now, there’s talk that if Rose can participate in mini camp, he can play for the Bulls in the postseason.

All of this sounds quite familiar.

Remember last year when news leaked that Rose was medically cleared to play? Remember when possibilities of a return were left in the air for the entirety of the postseason (the same possibility Rose himself has already made the mistake of leaving out on the table when he dropped the “If” bomb during his Dec. 5th press conference.)? The critics are already out. It seems that if Rose doesn’t return this postseason from his less severe torn meniscus injury, Rose’s toughness and dedication to his team and his city will be questioned.

I say cut him some slack.

In a article for the Chicago Sun Times, Rick Morrissey made a good point:

There’s a difference between playoff basketball and Team USA workouts. I’d like to point that out before the first shot is fired across Rose’s bow. Would you want your franchise player to see his first action in the postseason, when everything is ratcheted up a notch or 10? That’s the question that was asked last year, as well, and I thought Rose and the Bulls came up with the right answer: No. You don’t rush back from a knee injury. By the way, how has rushing back worked for Russell Westbrook?”

I agree. We all saw the rust Rose was dealing with at the beginning of this season. The playoffs are much more physical and not an ideal setting for a player to come back to after minimal play in the last 3 seasons. Now lets fast forward 3 months past the NBA postseason. More time to get to where he needs to be and it’s time for Team USA mini camp. A more ideal situation for Rose to come back and get some much needed practice. I see the opportunity for summertime basketball play to be helpful and contribute to the working out of any ‘kinks’ and ‘rust’.

If I can Tom Thibodeau you all for a second, let’s be reminded the last time Rose played in the world championships; He went on to have one of his best seasons and become the youngest player to win the MVP award.

All in all, I think it’ll be doubly beneficial this time around if he doesn’t rush back because of pressure. We don’t want him to re-injure himself at the expense of him thinking of others before his health.

If Rose do not return this postseason, should his toughness and dedication to the Bulls and his fans be in question?

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