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Bulls found 'treasure' in Augustin, should resign next season

As the Chicago Bulls came of yet another thrilling overtime win, this time against the Los Angeles Lakers defeating them 102-100 on Monday night (thanks to a Taj Gibson game winning layup) you can’t help but think of what a treasure the Bulls found in point guard D.J. Augustin.  Earlier this season when MVP and Bulls point guard Derrick Rose was left sidelined with another heart wrenching injury (torn medial meniscus) Chicago went looking for a suitor to take Rose’s spot for the rest of the season.

Then comes Augustin to the rescue! On Dec. 13th the Bulls signed Augustin who was on the free agency market. According to he was signed for 755,459  in the 2013-2014 NBA season for the Bulls and is up for grabs this summer. I’m still wondering how on earth a player like him was on the sidelines with the Toronto Raptors. The Bulls would really be out of their minds if they let a player like hime go! Not only is he a perfect fit (helps space the floor and runs the offense well), he works well as far as the Bulls’ long time goals are concerned. Augustin would make a solid backup point guard for Rose when he returns (they actually look alike by the way, one game I thought Rose was back then notices it was Augustin).

We don’t want Augustin to be added to the long list of former Bulls players that got away. So this summer the Bulls should look to sign him to a multi-year contract. For a player that came into the Bulls season unexpected and without a full training camp, and for Augustin to make such a smooth transition with this team, really proves what an impact he has made. So far with the Bulls this season Augustin averages 8.9 pts, 1.6 rebs, and 4.4 ast. Not to shabby for a guy who upon his arrival came right into the starting point guard position for this Bulls team. 

One thing’s for sure the Bulls found a diamond in the rough in Augustin, hope the Bulls hold on to this one! Here’s a highlight of Augustin’s season high (27 pts.) with the Bulls so far. 

(via Dawk Ins over on YouTube)

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