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(Video) Noah finally speaks to press, says "game is more than business to him"

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Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

After the Chicago Bulls defeated the Charlotte Bobcats 103-97 on Saturday Night at the United Center, Bulls center Joakim Noah (who had a monster game of 19 points, 14 rebounds, and 3 blocks) finally decided to speak to the press about the trading of his former teammate Luol Deng:

Noah who often refers to his Bulls teammates as brothers, really did take it hard and just didn’t understand the trading of Deng. This was perhaps the most interesting thing he said:

In the business of professional sports changes happen all the time, and nothing is ever certain. Am I saying Noah is wrong for feeling this way? Not at all. Could you imagine bonding with someone for so long as a player (and in Noah’s case for most of his career) and having them ripped from your team. It really is tough! If it was hard on us fans then it will be difficult for the players as well. I think we often forget that these guys are human just like the rest of us!

But don’t cry for him, it seems like changes like this make players like Noah fight even harder:


(video credit: via the Chicago Tribune)

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  • Michael Lickteig

    I hope the Bulls hang in there. They are an enjoyable team to watch, and I understand Noah’s anger at the “business” of basketball. The whole team should be angry with this “player transaction.”

    • Candice Connell

      Yeah I agree Michael! It’s hard for the players to see the business as just “business”. They’ve all spent so much time with Deng and he became a brother to them. I hope management makes some moves in the summer to put the Bulls back as championship contenders. A team like this will never give up, and haven’t buckled after all they’ve been through this season.