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RememberBull: A few of Deng's highlights as a Chicago Bull

Just because Luol Deng didn’t lead this Chicago Bulls team to a championship in the ten years he was with them, it doesn’t mean we can’t look back and appreciate what he has done! Deng was always a class act for this Bulls team. Always humble, never arrogant and demanding “all star” worthy attention. Like the title of the following video of just a few of his highlights (he has many with the Bulls!) Deng was “The Silent Star”! I’m sure he’s a player that all of the Bulls fans will never forget for many years to come. By the way he’s probably the most underrated player I’ve ever seen play. Only time will tell if this trade was the right decision for the Bulls organization.


(Get your Kleenex out, this one will probably make you sad all over again. The wounds of Deng’s trade is still pretty fresh right now!)

(Thanks to Dunkman827 over on Youtube for putting these highlights together!)

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    I still believe this team will make the playoffs. First, these players just don’t seem to have a lot of quit in them (played fine in the 2013 playoffs without Rose, Deng, and later Hinrich). Second, I doubt Thibodeau will let anyone on this roster feel sorry for themselves. Thibs don’t play that. And finally, the Eastern Conference is just that bad. Other than Miami and possibly the Pacers, there doesn’t seem to be many elite level teams.