Bulls may not be smiling now, but future looks bright

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The Chicago Bulls might not have anything to smile about right now, but by this time next season they could be singing a completely different tune and have this years troubles as a distant memory. At this point like it or not, all the core players on this Bulls team may not be coming back for next season. It’s something that needs to happen so we can potentially land a player like current Euroleague and Spanish ACB player Nikola Mirotic.

At 22 years old Mirotic would be a major come-up for the Bulls and would be a great fit. At 6″10 his skill set is vast; with a great mid-range shot and knows his way in the post. He’s currently shooting over 60% from the floor and 50% from 3-point land averaging 15pts. That sounds like the type of player the Bulls need on their team! According to the Bleacher Report this looks like it could become a reality with Mirotic himself sounding off on the possibility:

I have contact with them, my people too,” Mirotic told ElMundo.es (and here fromHoopshype), referring to the Bulls. “They watch my games a lot, they call me, they look after me. It’s good, but I try to do my job here [with Real Madrid].

This sounds like a step in the right direction! Adding a player like Mirotic along with the possibility of landing some solid draft picks (if their lucky and based on how bad the Bulls have been playing so far this season, they just might land Chicago native Jabari Parker in the 2014 NBA draft.) added to Derrick Rose returning next season, this makes for a bright future.

Sure it’ll be tough seeing the core guys leave, but is change ever easy?

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    Why do people think getting the number 1 pick is so easy? The NBA is not the NFL. The worst record in the NFL guarantees the #1 pick. The worst record in the NBA only guarantees you a lottery shot at the top 13 picks. Jabari Parker will go to whomever gets the #1 pick. That’s likely not going to be the Bulls.

    • Candice Connell

      I didn’t say it was a sure deal that the Bulls would land the #1 pick. I said they “might” land these players. Nothing is ever certain but it is a possibility.


        I just think it’s too soon to be talking about the draft. I don’t think Thibs is going out like that. Ultimately, if the Bulls are one of the 13 teams in the lottery, they’ll have a shot at a high pick. That being said, I’d prefer they do what they usually do, grind it out. And I expect them to fight until game 82.

        • Candice Connell

          You make a great point, but some of the fans think we should focus on the draft. I do want the Bulls to grind it out as well. It never hurts to look over the possibility though. That’s why I’m glad there’s different people in the world because that makes it wonderful with different opinions. Thanks for reading!

  • Keith Kostecka

    I think you are wrong. The future of the Bulls is bleak; especially when you mention the Great Coward returning from injury. You are a fool if you think he will play again for the Bulls. Next year he will have a hangnail that will keep him out for 6-8 months.

    • Candice Connell

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. To say that D.Rose is a coward is also your own belief. You are one of the many people he will seek to prove wrong! Thanks for reading…



      As a former student of yours and current Alumni of CCC, I’m alarmed by your irrational and pithy response to Candice’s article. Frankly, I expected better of someone i once held in high regard. Also, as someone that has experienced numerous injuries through out my life, I can tell you that a torn ACL and an meniscus tear are nothing like an hangnail.


      • Keith Kostecka

        To say that my response is irrational is your opinion of course. I know many people who feel more strongly than I about Rose. I know, from my own injury experiences, how difficult recovery can be. I obviously come from a different era where you would do everything you could for your team. I have not seen that from Rose; last year was the best example of this when Luol Deng showed up to play against the Heat when he should have been in intensive care and Rose on the bench. In closing, I am sorry that you equate having respect for a person with that person staying silent on a topic that they have an opinion on.