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Rockets center Dwight Howard thinks Rose should take time to get back right

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard offered some thoughts and opinions on Derrick Rose and his torn medial meniscus and the situation being “unfortunate” for the former league MVP:

It’s just an unfortunate situation for him,” Howard said after Wednesday’s shootaround. “He tried so hard to come back from the one injury, and then he got injured again. Injuries are not something that’s easy to come back from. It’s mentally draining, and if you’re not strong enough to handle being injured, it’s hard. When I hurt my back, just trying to get back into it after five, six months of not being able to do anything, you’re watching guys play and it hurts. So I know how he feels.

(via ESPN Chicago)

It’s nice to see some kind of compassion coming from a fellow NBA player. And he’s 100% right! Do you honestly think its easy for Rose being injured for the second season in a row and having to watch his Bulls teammates play without him. Let’s have some kind of consideration for Rose and what he’s been through! Let’s not forget that he’s a human being just like the rest of us. This time it wasn’t as bad as his ACL injury, so let’s not make this into a career ending injury (their are some dramatic people out there). Yes, right now the Bulls team is feeling the sting of Rose not being there, but like Howard said it takes time, and he can only hope that Rose comes back as the same player:

I hope he does,” Howard said. “It just takes time. In this age, people don’t want to hear it takes time, they want it now. But with injuries, for us, we have to make sure with our career that we take our time to get back right, and that’s what he should do. He didn’t rush last year, and he shouldn’t rush now. They’re going to put a lot of pressure on him to play, and just because you see somebody out there working and jumping and running, that doesn’t mean that they’re game-ready. It’s a big difference, so hopefully he takes his time and he comes back when he’s ready to play.

We do live in a time where everyone wants things now, whether their ready or not. Rose’s NBA career is far from over, and still has a sizable amount of professional playing years left.

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