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Bulls and the ever-changing point guard position, Mike James gets waived

Are we really surprised at this? Mike James hasn’t been much use for the Chicago Bulls only averaging 0.3 ppg, 0.9 apg in 5.4 mpg.

What else is there to say but smart move Bulls! It’s not like James needed some big send off. Sure he only appeared in 7 games with the Bulls, but it just wasn’t working out! Now we can see recently signed PG D.J. Augustin really make an impact as he gets adjusted and gets more minutes. The point guard position has definitely seen its changes in the last few months in Chicago. With Derrick Rose getting injured (losing our best PG/player period) it has been tough filling in his shoes and the position. Kirk Hinrich moved into being the starting PG, but his consistency hasn’t proven to be strong (or being healthy, darn that injury bug!)  Hey, if they need a PG I can make an impact (only in my dreams, oh yeah and there’s that height requirement). We’ll see what unfolds in the rest of the season for the Bulls. By now we should realize that the PG position is no easy one, and finding a good one is liking finding a diamond in the rough.

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