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Deng has been proving his worth for the Bulls, Noah needs passion back

Since Derrick Rose went down with a torn medial meniscus that ended his season, it has been a tough blow for the players on the Chicago Bulls team. So far the guy that has been stepping up since this total knock out punch that the Bulls have received from Rose being injured was Luol Deng. Over the past five games since Rose has been injured Deng has been averaging 27.4 points, 6.2 assists, and 6 rebounds. Talk about a real trooper! For now we should probably put a cap on the whole “Deng needs to leave”, “He isn’t going to be apart of the future with the Bulls” talk. It’s not going to be of any service for the team this season if we keep on talking about how we need to trade Deng. Let’s just stay in the present time for right now. Moving forward Deng knows what he needs to do to help his team as much as possible:

Try to be smarter and get us a good look,” said Deng. “Whether I miss or not or someone else gets the shot as long as it’s the best look out there. I work on my game every day. The situation, I can’t control that. Whether it’s the last shot or first shot or shot in the second quarter, I try to make every shot I take. It’s definitely a different situation I haven’t been in. At the same time, there’s times in the past, not as often as now, but times in the past I’ve been in those situations.


To me, the real key for the Bulls coming out this season as true survivor’s is the passion of Joakim Noah. I haven’t really his energy and drive at the level that we’re all used to seeing from him. Understandably loosing a teammate and player like Rose is enough to have a great effect on your mental state. But we must see his passion and grit come though for the Bulls to help revive their team for the rest of the season. When Rose went down with the ACL injury last season, it was Noah who led the team by showing his toughness and relentless will to win. I know he has it in him, it’s just going to take some for him to get back into his groove and face the reality of losing Rose to yet another injury:

Rose was “like my little brother,’’ Noah whispered after a loss last week in Utah

The games just keep on coming,’’ Noah said recently. “I personally have to snap out of it and be a better leader.

(via The Chicago Sun-Times)

When Noah gets back to being the most passionate guy out there on that basketball court, the Bulls will start to hear a heartbeat awaken in their teams’ pulse.

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