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Derrick Rose undergoes successful surgery, chooses to repair meniscus

On Monday, Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose opted to repair his right meniscus therefore causing his season to end early. The former league MVP looked in good spirits after undergoing surgery on his right knee.


Moving forward the timetable for the return of Rose is uncertain, but usually since he decided to repair his meniscus instead of completely removing it, the probability of a return this season is on the low side. But hey, I still say that Rose coming back this season shouldn’t be completely ruled out. If his body happens to feel right and the NBA is still in season, whether it be for a regular season game or playoff (by the way, the Bulls are luck they’re not in the West!) Rose just might shock us all and play. During this tough time for the team and organization, Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau keeps it in perspective and stays positive during Rose’s injury, even though he’s only played 50 games in three seasons:

I’m not concerned about that,” Thibodeau said. “I think his mental toughness is going to serve him well. Whenever he has faced any adversity, his mental toughness has gotten him through. I could tell talking to him (Saturday) night there was a resolve and determination. We expect him to make a full recovery. It’s another bump in the road. He’ll get past it.

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You have got to love the positivity and strength that Thibodeau has shown through Rose’s injuries. That’s exactly the kind of attitude and mentality that Rose has to have moving forward in his basketball career. Although many may think that two injuries and surgeries in the span on 19 months will effect how Rose plays his game in the future, Thibodeau stated:

You can’t change who you are,” he said. “He’s confident. He got through the first rehab. His ACL knee is terrific. So now he has to rehab the other one. He’ll handle that.

Well said coach! Through all of life’s adversities you’ve got to get back up and keep fighting even though you get knocked down. Derrick Rose and the Bulls have been in this position before. Many great athletes and teams have faced bumps in their road to victory. For Bulls and Rose, these bumps seem to be pointy needles which will make it all the more enjoyable when Chicago is crowned champions in the future.

Untile then, the Bulls have got to fill the air back in their tires and truck on.

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