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Derrick Rose injures right knee, sends shockwaves throughout the NBA

Wow!!!! Late in the third quarter Derrick Rose went down in a non-contact play, resulting in a right knee injury. He ended the game with 20 pts. and 5 rebs. before leaving the game. Until Saturday in Los Angeles when he undergoes an MRI we won’t know the severity of this injury. Whether you’re a Chicago Bulls fan or not, hearing this news has got to affect you in some way. After being absent for 18-months due to his previous ACL tear to his left knee, that’s the last thing you want to hear as a fan of basketball period! After Friday night’s loss to the Portland Trailblazers Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau had some “concern” for his former MVP:

He has pain and it felt like he couldn’t push off his right knee,” Thibodeau said. “I’m concerned. Any time anyone goes down, you’re concerned. But I don’t want to speculate until we get more information.

(via The Chicago Tribune)

I second that motion! Let’s not assume that it’s worse than it really is.

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  • Jim213

    Can’t help to believe that some blame may go to management if Rose suffered a serious injury. Should’ve kept Lil Nate as a precautionary measure as well as to help Rose out given that aside of Westbrook (OKC) he seems to go all in when driving to the paint, taking no prisoners. Lil Nate would’ve help to limit Rose’s all out assault while driving to the paint thus buying more time to get back to his usual level of basketball play.Off season is one thing but playing against top athletic opponents may take a certain amount of time to adjust after taking a year off.

    • Candice Connell

      That’s exactly what I’ve been saying all along. The Bulls needed to keep Nate as a solid back-up for when Rose is on the bench. Nate even said that he missed being apart of the Bulls team. What more can you ask for than a guy who plays great and is passionate about the team he plays for. Also, I agree with you that it takes a certain amount of time get adjusted to playing with elite athletes. Rose needs more time after being out for so long. Thanks for reading and supporting! We’ll see what the MRI says…

      • Jim213

        A question that should be asked now is if management will make a trade for a backup PG whether if Rose’s injury is severe or minor? Lil Nate isn’t bonding too good with the Nuggs current roster… Management may have to give up something if they decide to try to reacquire him or another backup PG.

        LIl Nate would likely be the best decision given that he knows the offense and has the support of the Bulls locker room. Better for management to either buy Rose more time down the line if the injury is minor or to salvage the season with someone who’s shown can meet the challenge.

        • Candice Connell

          Very true!! That sounds like the best plan moving forward for the Bulls. Nate Robinson would be the best option.

          • Jim213

            Aside of that being that D Wade is from Chi-town they might as well try to get him away from the Heat. IMO, the only two teams that Wade would consider would be the heat or going back to his hometown. Although, he has problems with his knees it be best to have another go to guy given that Boozer hasn’t assumed the role. Time to post some articles about that IMO. Although they may need to make some cap space by unloading unproductive players with (med/high contracts being trades).

          • Candice Connell

            You definitely have my same trend of thought!!! Do you write for any sites? If so can I have the URL. I love your analysis!