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Are the Chicago Bulls capable of winning the NBA Championship this season?

By a show of hands how many of us think the Chicago Bulls are capable of winning an NBA title this year? When some may be reluctant I am going to throw my hands right up in the air and shout out a huge yes! Why not? Just because they had a slow start to the season we’re going to count them out of the title race. I think not! The Bulls are as capable as any other team willing to put in the hard work and practice to help make themselves contenders for the NBA championship this season.

Yes, the Bulls clearly have some work to do in terms of cleaning up the defensive and offensive end. And in terms of energy they definitely need to keep it up especially when they have built a lead. We must keep in mind that no team is perfect. Just like no single person can be perfect. With that being said, there is always going to be issues that need to be worked on. It’s the team who plays well in that moment that ends up winning the game. For the Bulls they must approach every game like it’s the only one they have. They have got to stay in the present and worry about everything else after.

It’s going to take every single player on this Bulls roster to make their championship goals something that is fully achievable. Players like Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, Loul Deng, and Joakim Noah are not the only ones who need to step up every night for this team. Kirk Hinrich, Jimmy Butler, Mike Dunleavy and the rest of the players on this Bulls squad are all accountable of where this team ends up. You can never just blame it on one person. An NBA championship is a ‘team’ honor.

You can see the strides that this Chicago team is gradually coming back into their form, playing tough and aggressive on defense and bringing the necessary energy back to their offense. You don’t need a dream team to win a championship, just a group of guys that are willing to come together as a team and put everything they have out on the court for a full 48 minutes. Do the Bulls have this capability? Absolutely!

Here’s what Carlos Boozer had to say about his teams progress, after the Chicago Bulls defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 96-81.

How far do you think the Chicago Bulls will go this year?

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  • Michael Cunningham

    Being a lifelong fan of the Chicago Bulls, I hate to disagree w/ this piece, but I’m going to disagree w/ this piece anyway. No way will the Bulls win a championship this year, and here’s why. 1) Kirk Hinrich is their best pg, and the most he has done is a 1st rd exit in the playoffs. 2) The Bulls are next to last in scoring. Only the Utah Jazz scores less than the Bulls. You cannot win the championship if your team can’t score. 3) Even if the Bulls win enough games in the regular season and finish w/ a top 4 seed they will still have trouble in the playoffs. Playoff teams tend to hustle more on the defensive end too. If the Bulls are not able to score with numerous missed layups, and poor outside shooting during the regular season they will find it more difficult to score with a defender draped on them during a 7 game series. 4) The Bulls are not the dominate rebounding team anymore. The East has several teams capable of out rebounding the Bulls with superior size down low. And 5) The Bulls bench is not deep enough to contend w/ top tier Eastern Conference foes. Coach Thibodeau plays his starters Luol Deng and Jimmy Butler way too many minutes. This limits the bench play and the much needed development of Bulls rookies Tony Snell, and Erik Murphy.