Sacramento Kings Fans Are the Real Losers in SuperSonics Deal

On January 9th, it was reported that the Maloof family, owners of the Sacramento Kings, was selling the team and finalizing a deal that would relocate the Kings to Seattle. This would mark the return of NBA basketball to Seattle for the first time since the SuperSonics were moved to Oklahoma City in 2008.

With this move, saddened Sonics fans get the opportunity to have their beloved team back. But if Sonics fans were to cheer for this Seattle team, they would be hypocrites. The majority of them were devastated when the Sonics were moved to Oklahoma City, and as a result, they refused to cheer for the Thunder, especially in the 2012 NBA Finals.

While most basketball fans were opposed to the Miami Heat and the Big Three, Sonics fans joined Heat fans in cheering for Miami to win the championship.

Supporting the Thunder was wrong for them because Oklahoma City’s roster no longer played for Seattle. Well guess what? It was either they play for the Thunder, or they would be unemployed. Sure, there is reason to be mad about the Sonics being sold and relocated to Oklahoma City, but to take out that anger on the actual team would not be any more right than the selling of the Sonics, and neither does rooting for the new Seattle team.

By Sonics fans cheering for the relocated Kings team, they will be doing exactly what they refused to do for the Thunder: root for the stolen team. As upsetting as it may have been to lose the Sonics, is it worth gaining them back by becoming hypocrites?

This deal will not solve anything. All it does is give Sonics fans their happiness back while Kings fans become the new Sonics fans.

Despite that, can Sonics fans help it if they want to root for their new team? True fans must have been absolutely devastated to go without basketball for that long. The thought of that is ridiculously depressing. While those actions would be hypocritical, there is some justification to it. But that still does not may it any fairer.

This all really just shows not necessarily the hypocritical nature of Sonics fans, but the nature of sports fans in general. As ridiculous as it may come to some, what die hard sports fans will do because of their team will not always be just.

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  • Ryan Colonna

    Oh cry me a river. What do you want us to do, boo our new Sonics? None of this is the fault of the fans, we’re just dealing with what we’re given.

  • 2Fat2Serious

    It ain’t hypocritical at all. The state of California has FOUR basketball teams, and after the Kings leave they will still have THREE. Washington State has no basketball team and the only team in the Pacific Northwest are the Portland Trailblazers. So the city of Los Angeles has more basketball teams than the entire Pacific Northwest. When the Kings leave Sacramento, its not going to be NEARLY as dramatic as when the Supersonics left Seattle.

  • Edgar Cardenas

    Yes California has 4 teams but You could basically count N. California and S. California and even the Bay Area California as 3 completely different areas each equally capable of supporting their teams. Were a big state and I refuse to support any of the LA teams! Bleed Purple and Black for life!!! Go Kings!!! Sacramento Kings!

  • Sonics

    Blame the real villains, the maloofs. Like we blamed clay Bennett. Sorry king fans, but I’m glad the sonics are coming back.

  • Brad Hinkle

    It’s 100% worth it, we will now take what is ours and be on our way, and you guys can cheer for one of the THREE remaining teams in Cali.. you’ll survive.