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Is Taj Gibson getting close to earning a starting position?

Taj Gibson needs to start over Carlos Boozer — soon.

Gibson has been averaging around eighteen minutes per game. His field goal is shooting has improved to .432% over the last 10 games. Gibson averages 6 points and 5 rebounds a game, his numbers aren’t the highest however there is a big difference in coming off the bench and starting a  game.

Just look at Marco Belinelli; it took him forever to find his shot coming off the bench and he often struggled, but with Rip Hamilton out, Belinelli has become Chicago’s starting shooting guard and he has begun to make a name for himself.

A lot of Bulls fans give Carlos Boozer a ton of hate and scrutiny for his lack of consitency, though Boozer has been stepping his game up lately we can’t help but wonder when is the usual boozer rollercoaster going to start?

One night he’s hot the next he’s not. With Rose, Rip, and now Hinrich all sidelined the Bulls can’t afford hot and cold play, they need a consistent power forward on a defensive and offensive aspect.

Taj Gibson is one of our hardest working players if he isn’t clicking offensively, you can bet he makes up for it defensively. All around Taj is good energy he brings his all and that is something his fellow teammates feed off of Taj, Noah, and deng would pack a punch in the starting lineup that’s for sure.

It’s never bad to experiment with the tools we have, a litte change never hurt anybody and in the long run if it secures us more wins above .500 I’m all for it. Feel free to create a start  Taj Gibson petition.


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