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(VIDEO) Derrick Rose Performs Sprints at Bulls Practice

It’s almost Christmas and Bulls fans are getting an early present. But like all the cool gifts you knew you were getting in advance, just because you see it now doesn’t mean you get it too. Nevertheless seeing that Nerf gun and thinking about how awesome it will be is a satusfying feeling.

Derrick Rose is that Nerf gun, and that awesome feeling was seeing the former MVP sprint on his surgically reconstructed knee at Bulls practice.

Rose is easing his way back into the swing of things, and this isn’t the first time we’ve seen him perform basketball related actions before. But there’s a massive difference between seeing someone shoot with a torn up knee and sprint at semi-full speed on it.

But again, let’s not get carried away with this. Rose may be sprinting but he’s not fully healed yet and any notion that he’s near returning to the Bulls lineup is misplaced. The set date for Rose’s triumphant return is still somewhere on the flip side of the New Year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be encouraged.

Adrian Peterson tore his knee to shreds back in December of 2011, had surgery just before the New Year and is now having the best year of his career for the Minnesota Vikings. And in case you didn’t know, the NFL is a sport where you actually get hit pretty hard on a regular basis.

But the point is Peterson had surgery on December 30th, didn’t go near a football practice until late-July and didn’t play in a game until late-August. Do the math: that’s eight months, and while Rose tore his ACL back in April and this month is the eighth month of his recovery, we still shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.

There’s a difference between resting Rose too long and rushing him back. But there’s also the middle ground of giving him enough time to properly heal. Guys don’t come back like Adrian Peterson has, and while we have had medical advances that are making it so athletes heal from serious injury faster, we’re not to the point yet where it happens fast enough to please everyone.

Let’s take this one step at a time and put it into persepctive. A year ago Rose was the MVP, seven months ago he was using a walker and now he’s starting to sprint again. Starting being the extreme key word in that last sentence.

The time will come for the return, but for now let’s just be happy with what he have and not get greedy.

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