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Rip Hamilton Leaves Game with Sprained Foot

Injuries are something the Bulls don’t want to talk about but they’re going to have to deal with (well actually without) another starter with an injury. Rip Hamilton sprained his foot late in Saturday’s game against the Sixers and was forced to leave the game.

First off, the image of a Bulls player being helped into the locker room by two people is still way to raw in most people’s memories. The fact that is was a servicable starter is even worse. With how poorly the bench has been playing as of late, Chicago will now have to rely on the second unit even more if Hamilton is lost for a significant amount of time.

The chances of that are likely.

There’s also the matter of Hamilton being injured, which he so often was last season. To see him go down with the lineup already shaky is bad enough on the surface but it’s that history with injury that is most troubling, and again still quite raw in the minds of Bulls fans everywhere.

His loss isn’t devastating, well it shouldn’t be, but as we all know the bench is awful at doing what it’s supposed to do and know it’s going to have it’s number dialed a lot more. Specific criticism has been had by Marco Belinelli who is likely going to fill in as a starter. But there’s also Jimmy Butler, a guy who can play shooting guard and needs to get more minutes — well he deserves to anyways.

Either way, it seems that the Bulls will be with out Rip Hamilton for a while and no matter who you have to replace him, it’s not a good situation.

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