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Chicago Bulls Looking To Crack Some Thunder

The last time the Bulls faced the Thunder, was on April 1st, 2012. Durant and westbrook put on a show for the ages against the shorthanded, D Rose-less Bulls. KD put up 26 boards, Westbrook contributed 27 points and 10 rebounds, also who could forget that two handed slam dunk Russel threw down over former bench mob member, Omer Asik? The Bulls never maintained a single lead in that monsterous blowout at Chesepeake Arena. OKC dominated on both ends outscoring Chicago 31-12 in the third quarter. The thunder went on to topple the Bulls at 92-78

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Right now the Bulls Stand at 3-1 and the Thunder are at 2-2, however history could easily repeat itself tomorrow night. Aside from Derrick Rose currently rehabbing his knee, the Bulls have been struggling to cap off their close wins against small market teams. This is a very important game for the Bulls, it’s their first big market game of the season, and also it is a test to see how well the team can put up against big names without their own, Derrick Rose. The Bulls can definitely beat the Thunder; it’s a matter of how well they can execute on defense, containing Westbrook, and keeping their offense rolling with as little sloppy mistakes as possible.

The Bulls have all the weapons they need to pull of a win against OKC tomorrow. Luol Deng is coming off an impressive performance from tuesday nights matchup against Orlando. Also Joakim Noah has shown signs of vast improvement in his jump shots, then there is Carlos Boozer who is also doing exceptionally well, he has had two double doubles so far this season. And let’s not forget our new and improving  “Bench Mob.” The Bulls definitely have their work cut out for them tomorrow night, however the guys can take advantage of the fact that James Harden is gone and Westbrook is playing with a sore shoulder, it should be a lot easier to contain him. As long as the Bulls keep their composure they should be able to achieve their first statement game of the season tomorrow night in Chicago.

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