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Taj Gibson Changes His Mind, Agrees to 4-yr/$38 Million Extension

There was more than just the drama of the game unfolding in Chicago as the Bulls kicked off their 2013 season. Not only was there a game to be played, but the issue of Taj Gibson’s contract and the drama of whether or not he’d sign was dominating the night. At first, before the game, Gibson said he’d not change his mind and stand firm in his stance that he’d not be signing an extension, or at least the one currently offered.

Well, he lied.

After the game Gibson confirmed that he liked the way the team felt on the floor and that was enough, along with a re-evaluation of the numbers in the contract, and decided he’ll sign the contract keeping him Chicago long term.

The sticking point heading up to the deadline was the difference in the figures. Gibson wanted $10 million per year and the Bulls wanted to give him no more than $8 million. That was looking to be the stalemate that kept this deal from happening but the two sides have agreed that this is the best deal Gibson will get and the only one he wants at this time.

The new figures on Gibson deal is $9.5 million per year over the next four years making it a total of $38 million. It’s far less than DeMar DeRozan got earlier today and isn’t the big money he had in mind, but it’s $500,000 shy of his desired figure and that was close enough for Gibson.

Plus, the contract is laced with incentives that could end up paying out at over $40 million for Gibson. So obviously, there’s that.

Bad news for Taj is that Carlos Boozer looked good tonight, but as we all know that likely won’t last. At the very least the Bulls have the peace of mind that they can cut Boozer loose via the amnesty clause if he fails this season and have a power forward of the future ready to step in immediately and for the foreseeable future.

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  • Carl G.

    YESS!!!!! F*** yes!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    Finally the front office does something right.

  • Anthony

    Oh my god $9.5MM?!? Y’all overplayed for that fool.

    • Pete

      I have to sort of agree. $38M up to $40M is a bit much especially if he doesn’t start

      • Al

        You guys are crazy!!! Gibson is well worth the money.

        • Jimmy

          *takes kool aid away*

  • Paul J.

    Is it just me or does this contract make you uneasy?

  • David

    Gibson is solid, I like this. What I like more is the fact Har had to cave and meet Tajs price.

  • Steven L.

    Gibson sucks, he needs to go to hell and give he Bulls that money back.

    • Tyler

      Whoa, are you crazy? I mean yeah the price is a bit stiff but Taj is a valuable player and I’m happy he’s staying. I’m not alone either.

    • Vanna Huot

      No, you need to go to hell.