Nikola Mirotic Says He Doesn’t Plan on Playing For Bulls Anytime Soon

The Chicago Bulls are desperately looking and pointing to the future when it comes to calming the fire storm they ignited this year within the fan base after they failed to meet the expectations of improving the team. One of the gems the Bulls have been flashing at fans is future power forward and 2011 first round draft pick Nikola Mirotic.

But speaking to Spanish reporters recently, Mirotic squashed a lot of hope fans had of him crossing the pond and joining the like of Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah anytime soon.

“The Bulls came to me a few times last season and went out for dinner and a chat, and I suppose that this campaign will be the same. They know my situation and respect my contract. I left this year and three more, but I have a clause NBA opt-out.”

We all already knew about Mirotic’s opt-out clause, but the bug question in Chicago has been when will it be exercised? The Bulls draft pick elaborated on that, and it’s not what Bulls fans want to hear.

Mirotic reiterated that his future with the Bulls is exactly that — in the future. He indicated that Chicago is the last thing on his mind as he prepares to honor his contract with Real Madrid.

“My future is with Real Madrid.” Mirotic said.

Real Madrid opens up Euroleague play December 12 against Panathinaikos.

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  • Randy Wiesner

    Why do they allow players to enter the draft but not come over and play? Why should teams have to wait on players? They need to change that rule and how it works.

  • Steve

    Why is he choosing FIBA over the NBA!? Come on Nikola, we want you in Chicago!

  • scott

    as much as i want mirtic over here runnin with the bulls i give the young man altof respect….how many people have the integrity to honor their word (contract) when they could make more money for someone else doing the same thing?!

    • Tom

      he actually cant make more $ with the Bulls because the bulls have no cap space to allow them to give him a contract

  • scott

    to randy wiesner..the answer is simple so the drafting team owns the right to that player when or if that player ever decides to come to the nba….that is why when players from other countries first started coming to the states most teams would only use a 2nd round pick on them n nottheir 1st round….with mirotic the bulls that year stated they were only going to cary 1 rookie (jimmy butler) but had multiple draft selections so they traded for the rights to mirotic and the bulls state they hope to have him here the year they get the charlotte boibcats 1st round pik for tyrus thomas (one of the most stpid trades the bulls ever did)

  • scott

    stupid as in trading the rights for thoas in the beginnning n not keeping their original selection–not the trade to charlotte