January 25, 2011; Sacramento, CA, USA; Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan watches from court side during the first quarter against the Sacramento Kings at ARCO Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

Kobe Bryant Makes Identical Plays to Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the standard to which all NBA players are held to, and until someone tops him, that’s not going to change. But since his second retirement in 1998, the NBA has been searching for the next Jordan and according to video eveidence we may have the closest thing yet.

Kobe Bryant.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise given how historical and legendary Bryant’s career has been. He’s won almost as many championships as Jordan has and was viewed as the leader of the NBA in the post-Jordan years until a little tyke named LeBron James came around.

But in this video posted to YouTube, photographic evidence is given that Kobe Bryant’s career parallels that of Jordan’s — well at least at times it did. In the eerie video, Bryant Makes the same plays Jordan did years before him.

Not kind of like, not sort of like — exactly like Jordan.

Now just because Bryant made 2:32 worth of identical plays to Jordan doesn’t mean he’s better than or as good as the legend. But detractors of Bryant can’t deny the facts in the video, and when compared to what Bryant’s accomplished over the years the whole Kobe vs. MJ debate gets very, very eerie. It doesn’t, however, settle any debates rather it just fuels an already raging fire in the bellies of NBA fans everywhere: is Kobe Bryant on par with or better than the legend himself, Michael Jordan?

You decide.

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  • True dat

    MJ never raped anyone.
    Kobe always wanted to “be like Mike”
    MJ never tried to be “like anyone else”
    Kobe teams had more offensive players opponants had to cover.
    MJ made the players around him better.
    Kobe will never be the GOAT.

    • its me

      and MJ never lost a finals series..:)

    • Rob Fagiano-Gleason

      I think that is solely! stand alone! the most important! undeniable! single handed! reason Jordan is better the Kobe. He made the players around him better! Kobe knows he one of the best All Time and so do we, but Kobe also knows he wants to BE LIKE MIKE!

  • debtfree22

    who cares? Kobe is top ten of all time regardless!! and if you’re going to copy someone, wouldn’t you want to copy the best person? Sheesh, leave Kobe alone. Anyone with half a brains knows Mike is the best and that’s it!!!

  • BallisLife

    Kobe is 2nd best of all time ofc jordan is first but if kobe stays in long enough he will be the beat :)