Olympics Basketball 2012: Despite 26 points by Deng, Great Britain loses to Russia 95-75

Great Britain













Great Britain- Luol Deng

26 PTS, 3 AST, 7 REB

Russia- Andrei Kirilenko 

35 PTS, 3 REB




Team Great Britain began the game in hopes to make its country proud and get a medal in the tournament. This is the second time Great Britain’s national basketball team played in the Olympics, as their first appearance was way back in 1948.

In the first quarter, Deng scored the first points for GB, while Andrei Kirilenko scored the first points for Russia. After the 1st quarter, the game was quiet close. Neck and neck even. GB only trailed by 5 at that point. Russia seemed to lose focus and concentration as they recorded 7 turnovers in the 1st. GB down 5.

During the 2nd quarter, GB was starting off great. They shot 60% from the field and were also protecting the backboard. GB was also disruptive, however they didn’t have depth and quality. Turnovers were a problem in this quarter. During the quarter, GB had 10, while Russia had 5. GB got the edge in rebounds with 12 offensive rebounds and with 2nd chance points. GB down 10.

In the 3rd quarter, Deng was clearly struggling. He was hitting the hard points while Russia was getting the easy transition points and finding the open man for drop passes. Turnovers were a problem again, as GB recorded 15 and Russia 10. The highlight of the game came from the 5:47 mark, when Alexey Shved threw the alley-opp pass to Andrei Kirilenko for the flush. That won’t be the only Alley-oop in the game. Despite all this, GB was actually up by 2.

Finally the 4th quarter. Russia was dominating in assists as they had 18 while GB only had 7. GB had split defense and great ball movement, but it still wasn’t enough. Throughout the whole game, it seemed as if Russia was comfortable, while GB was pressured a lot. GB had no answer for Andrei Kirilenko as their was virtually not defence on him. He shot 82% from the field. The rest of the Russian squad was not rebounding however. Overall Russia had bad defense but great offence. They had too many easy look buckets.

Top scorers for GB were Luol Deng with 26 points, Pops Mensah-Bosnu with 22 points and Joel Freeland with 13. Top scorers for Russia were Andreai Kirilenko with 25 points, Alexy Shved with 16 points and Vitaliy Fridzon with 14.

Russia will play against the Chinese. China won’t be an easy team to beat as Spain struggled against China, however coming out with the win by 16 points today.

As for GB, they will play against Brazil on Tuesday at 10:45 CT (4:45 p.m. Local). Their road to a medal will only get harder as they face Brazil, who just won against Australia by 4.

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