Mar 15, 2012; Louisville, KY, USA; Kentucky Wildcats guard Marquis Teague (25) shoots a free throw during the first half against the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers in the second round of the 2012 NCAA men

Chicago Bulls Select Marquis Teague 29th Overall

We weren’t sure who the Bulls would take or even what they’d do. But it turns out that the Bulls didn’t trade up and stayed at 29th overall to select Marquis Teague.

There were rumors that he Bulls would trade up but the talent began to slide and teams realized that they could get someone of real value where they were picking. The Bulls experienced a scare late however as we saw a run on shooting guards int he 20’s. Jared Cunningham– who was on the Bulls radar– went 24th to the Cavaliers (who are trading him to the Mavericks).

But a few guys leapt into the first round which allowed the talent to continue to slide the Bulls way.

With Derrick Rose out for most of next season Chicago was in need of a guard that could both score and lead. They got that guy in Teague. He’s going to be able to play point guard and shooting guard and he’ll be able to fly beside Rose when he comes back.

Chicago doesn’t have a second round pick so they’re done for the night. But although they may not have been publicly scouting him, that doesn’t mean that Teague is a swing and a miss. The Bulls are done in the 2012 NBA Draft but they themselves are far from done especially with Marquis Teague now on roster.

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