Will Ferrell Introduces Chicago Bulls Lineup


NEW ORLEANS — For Wedensday night’s game against the Hornets, all in attendance were treated to a rare gift from the comedy Gods. Will Ferrell introduced the Chicago Bulls opening lineup before hyping the crowd for the Hornets. As you would expect, Joakim Noah was the only one who showed amusement, at one point hiding his face in his arms to conceal his enjoyment.

Ferrell added a — unique — attribute to each of the Bulls starting five:

  • Carlos Boozer lives with his mother
  • Luol Deng collects rare birds and owns a dolphin
  • Joakim Noah is a scorpio and a bad dancer
  • Ronnie Brewer once ate 20 hot dogs
  • Derrick Rose’s favorite movie is The Notebook
Luol Deng had a positive reaction to the introductions, noting that even the usually grizzled Tom Thibodeau was amused. “It was funny.” Deng said. “It’s the first time I’ve seen Thibs smile before a game.”
Chicago got the last laugh, beating the Hornets 90-67.

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