It's been a year since Derrick Rose and John Wall faced off. Tonight is a night that could benefit both parties involved.(Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE)

Abracadabra Revenge: Chicago Bulls (17-5) at Washington Wizards (4-16)

Bulls at Wizards — 6pm on WCIU/NBATV

WASHINGTON D.C — Last time these two teams met the Bulls were without Derrick Rose and failed to break 80. Don’t be surprised if that repeats itself and the Bulls stay in the mid to high seventies tonight. They’re not only coming off an emotionally and physically draining loss yesterday, but they are down at least one huge piece if not three.

Luol Deng won’t be back tonight and he’s a huge piece of this team. The Bulls have lost two games they may not have had Deng been in the lineup. C.J. Watson may not be in the lineup nor Rip Hamilton. Having those two guys out will significantly put a damper on the Bulls offense much like it did when Rose missed the previous meeting with Washington.

But that’s exactly why the Bulls won’t lose. Watson plus Hamilton equals close to Rose’s production but the Bulls have the man himself ready to go and he’s not particularly happy about the results of yesterday’s game.

Rose missed two crucial free throws in the last minute which ended up being the difference. Much like the Bucks were on Friday, the Wizards will be unwilling third party recipients of Rose’s wrath.

John Wall is a guy who has the potential to be one of the better point guards in the league but he just hasn’t done that yet. It’s games like this that Wall can really breakout and show that he can be the guy everyone is expecting. Especially when those expectations are dwindling thanks to guys like Rose.

If Wall sees that the Bulls are wounded after their loss last night, he may be able to make this closer then it should be. But he also may recognize it but try to hard to be flashy for the NBA TV cameras and end up doing more damage then good.

The Bulls should win and there is really no excuse as to why they shouldn’t. If they do you could say that it’s a hangover from last night but that would be more telling about the Bulls then it seems. If this team wants to win a championship it can’t be a hangover team that allows a draining loss the night prior effect them the next day.

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