Derrick Rose is ranked as the 8th best NBA player coming into the 2011 season

Bulls Derrick Rose Ranked 8th Best NBA Player; Other Bulls Make List

CHICAGO — ESPN recently released their list of the best 500 active NBA players and Chicago’s hope, Derrick Rose, doesn’t crack the top 5 this year. Instead the reigning NBA MVP is ranked as the eighth best active player.

Rose tops all Chicago Bulls on the list with the next closest Bull to Rose being Joakim Noah ranked 29th. All of the Bulls starting five and all of the major Bench Mob players made the list as well with the White Mamba himself, Brain Scalbrine closing out Bulls on the list at No. 449.

But Derrick Rose is the focus here as he is the heart and souls of the Bulls. A year ago he was merely the would-be/could-be story out of Memphis where the biggest story about him involved his brother and SAT scores. Then he did something that everyone can take a lesson from: he practiced his unaccomplished, unpolished self into the eventual League MVP on the best team in the NBA record-wise.

The question obviously becomes this: does Rose deserve to be No. 8? Does he deserve to be higher or lower?

In the experts score of Rose, he got a 9.27 out of a perfect 10. That’s 13 hundredths of a point behind No. 7 Kobe Bryant and  29 hundredths of a point ahead of o. 9 Derron Williams. So at the very bottom of the conversation, Rose is in good company.

However, the discussion of where Rose should fit versus the other players ahead of him begins and ends with Chris Paul who finished a whole 4 spots ahead of Rose at No. 4.  Both players are built the same and serve the same purpose for their teams: the sole changing force.

Rose and Paul change the faces and the ferocity of their respective teams. But where they differ is their results. Paul led a Hornets team that was otherwise not a playoff team to the first round of the very place they wouldn’t have been without him. But that’s all the further they got.

Rose, on the other hand, led his team three games away from the NBA Finals and snagged the MVP in the process. The Bulls did have the better team compared to the Hornets sans their superstars, but without Rose the Bulls don’t win 62 games and don’t face the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. At Best, without Rose, the Bulls get knocked off by the Hawks in the Semifinals and at worse narrowly miss the playoffs all together.

Rose is also the only major offensive force the Bulls have. Paul is the same but was far out performed by Rose last season. It gets a little harder to defend Rose against the other players ahead of him in the list such as Bryant and the Thunder’s Kevin Durant. But when directly compared to Paul, a player of the same position Rose is vastly superior.

So Paul had more assists per game than Rose last season: BIG DEAL!

Rose doesn’t have anyone to pass to that will create plays. The Chicago Bulls are a defensive minded team from head coach Tom Thibodaeu to the major players on the Bench Mob like Taj Gibson and Omer Asik. Rose’s 7.7 apg average last season should be even more impressive given his lack off offensive weapons.

Now this is not a knock on the Bulls, they’re probably the third best team in the NBA. They’re not an offensive team though and there is nothing wrong with that.

But Rose makes them an offensive team all on his own and that’s why he should be ranked higher than eighth best player in the NBA. He shouldn’t be number one, but he should at least have cracked the top 5.

Unless I’m wrong. Then I implore anyone to tell me that I’m wrong.

Check back all this week as we profile all of the Bulls who made the list of the Top 500 Active NBA Players as ranked by ESPN.

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  • BdubbaU

    No. You’re right. Rose and Paul should have been flipped flopped. However there are other major issues with the final ten. Blake Griffin although exciting does not deserve to be in the top 10 based on one season. How can Kobe with 5 rings not be in the top 5? Lebron as good as he can be simply shouldn’t be no.1 based on potential of winning championships. Dirk beat both James and Wade so by that fact alone he should be no.1 if this list is truly based on last season. This list skewed because some players got the benefit of the doubt based on them being good throughout their careers. Like Duncan and KG being so high. So if the list is based on those factors how isn’t Kobe no.1. Lebron and Dwight Howard don’t have rings. Howard doesn’t even have an MVP to his credit not saying that he shouldn’t have won it by now, but he needs to show up in the playoffs too. This makes Paul being 4 over even more of a joke. He’s arguably the best pure PG in the the NBA but where is hardware to back it up. Rose has the awards to justify being in the top 5 a couple of those other guys don’t. Melo has 7 seasons of big time play, Blake Griffin has 1, something isn’t right there.

  • DougJ

    I’m a Rose fan but he under performed in the playoffs. He really needs a #2. He’s fantastic but he can’t pull a game out like Michael could. Not comparing but he needs to step it up in the playoffs to make the top 5.

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  • Johnpierrebeatz

    This is a good article. But rose is always slept on. the experts are afraid to believe in the guy. But we all know what he can do.

  • Josh Hill

    @BdubbaU Exactly. I’m not saying Rose is the best player in the NBA, but he’s a hell of a lot better than eighth. If the Bulls make the Finals this year (if the season ever happens), Rose’s stock rises big time.

  • Josh Hill

    @DougJ I was very underwhelmed by Rose in the playoffs. I touted his closing ablilty and swagger big time in the sports media and he burned me. Very underwhelmed but he deserves higher then eighth. Boozer needs to step up as a two but I seriously believe that a young free agent SG is the answer as his #2. Bogus Bogans doesn’t cut it for me.

  • Josh Hill

    @Johnpierrebeatz He burned the experts in the playoffs, that’s why. But there is no way he’s just the eighth best player. He’s three times the player Derron Williams is and he’s ninth. Dude deserves some distance from third tier players in the rankings because Rose is high-end second tear/low-end first tier.

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