Owners, Union Continue to Meet 'Phony' Deadline

NEW YORK — If you are waking up this Monday moringin and loggin onto the internet or picking up the morning paper there is one thing you won’t see.


There will be no quotes from players angry over the cancellation of the first two weeks of the season or from David Stern about how he wished he could have avoided canceling games. They won’t be there because they don’t exist.

The NBA fear factory pumped out the threat of canceling games on Friday of a deal isn’t reached by today. Today has come and no such suicide has been committed by the NBA which leads us back to the original theory I had the first time Stern threatened to cancel the whole season.

He’s full of it.

Stern and the owners are meeting with Billy Hunter and union reps in what they’re calling an 11th hour attempt to save the season.

Here he is at it again, trying to manufacture drama and make his sport relevant in the football dominated fall season. Stern is trying to reach a glorified ending to the lockout that will cause a collective sigh of relief across the world that ‘Oh thank God basketball is back’ ala what happened when the NFL lockout was settled.

Closed Circuit to David Stern: Your sport isn’t nor will it ever be as popular as cool or as profitable as the NFL. So stop trying to be a false messiah and make your sport relevant.

ESPN’s Jeff MacGragor had an article up this morning with similar sentiment that the NBA is just throwing out dates like a depressed teenage trying to get attention.

“Look at me! If you don’t pay attention to me I cancel the NBA’s opening two weeks and then you’ll be sorry you didn’t love me!”

This is basically David Stern’s line of thinking and it’s pretty pathetic. I get trying to pour on the pressure on the union to meet your hostage demands, but they called his bluff and Stern must now either man up or admit he was not serious about cancelling games yet.

Which, mind you, it is still WAY too early to be slicing games off the schedule. Wait until October reaches it’s early to mid twenties to start getting as deadly serious about throwing away money you can’t afford to throw away.

We will have to wait until later this afternoon to hear whether or not Stern is going to cancel games, and knowing his pathetically desperate attempt to make his sport the NFL, expect the decision to be conveniently made around the 6pm SportCenter.

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