NBA Cancels First Two Weeks

NEW YORK — Well David Stern pulled the trigger on his threat to cancel the first two weeks of the NBA season if a new CBA deal wasn’t reached today.

It wasn’t and the matchups like Bulls-Mavs and Thunder-Lakers are just a thing of fantasy.

The issue remains the difference between the two sides on who will receive the higher percentage of BRI (Basketball Related Income).

Under the previous deal the players earned 57 percent, a number the owners now want in the mid to high 40s. The players have lowered their half to 53 percent but are resistant to going any tenth of a percent lower than that.

“With every day that goes by, I think we need to look at further reductions in what’s left of the season,” Stern said.

From his latest bafoonish threat, it looks like no progress will be made anytime soon. It appears David Stern is more interested in scaring the players into a deal than realizing what is actually at stake.

His job.

What do the players honestly care if they don’t get paid. You think LeBron James is going to go crawling to New York in February because he’s broke, homeless and starving?

Apparently the owners do.

The reality is a scenario where the roles are reversed. The owners are the ones who were hurting financially when this whole mess started and they will be the first to reap the severe consequences of the action that just took place.

The owners stand to lose roughly $83 million for the 100 cancelled games. That may seem like chump change to them right now, but every penny eventually adds up to a pile of money that is being burned for the sake of giant egos.

If the owners try to say that this is a money thing more than anything, they’re lying to you.

Yes this is a heavily monetary issue, but think about the power these rich guys have had. They own a professional sports franchise for God-sake, there is a certain amount of arrogant ego that comes with that.

But before you know it, the debt will consume the ego and they will have to buckle to the players demands.

Proof being, the players could care less about the NBA and the owners, half of them had overseas contracts before the month of October. Only the lowest of low NBA Players on the totem pole will feel the pain of this lockout and there the real victims.

Next to the fans of course, whom the NBA has single handedly shown they couldn’t care less about. But that’s for another rant.

All that is set in stone now is that the greed, ego and arrogance of the NBA owners and to some extent the players, has cheated the PAYING NBA fan out of the first collective 100 games of the NBA;s now abbreviated 2011 season.

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