NBA Cancels Preseason, Training Camps

NEW YORK — In a move that stunned just about no one, the NBA announced today that they will cancel the annual training camps along with the entire preseason for all their teams.

The move comes after little to no progress has been made in getting a deal done to end the current lockout which has the owners and the league pitted against the players and the union. Based on the way David Stern and some of the less favorable owners are taking this lockout, holding your breath waiting for a resolution is not strongly recommended.

This is not the first time games have been cancelled by the league due to a lockout. In 1998-99, the league didn’t play a minute of basketball until February and it’s looking more and more like that will be the case this time around. The hot button issues are numerous but chief among them is the hard salary cap and player percentages. The players currently receive shares in excess of 50% of total revenue. The owners want that number lowered drastically by more than 10% and the players aren’t budging.

No word on when or if talks will resume anytime soon.

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