Noah is not only a fan favorite, but he is a centerpiece of this starting five which will be intact for years to come

Breaking Down The Bulls: Joakim Noah

He has transformed from that spunky, ponytail wearing NCAA Champion to a spunky, ponytail wearing NBA rebounding machine.

If Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer are the serious, professional side of the Bulls, Noah is the class clown. Just take his draft day attire, and his post-game interviews that are popular among even the most average NBA fan.

But as funny and random as Noah is off the court, once he put on the number 13 and gets into the game, he is all business. He is one of the most recognizable and animated players in basketball. His fierce scream and flexing after slamming in a put-back gives every Bulls fan chills  .But it wasn’t until this year that Noah became the force he is.

Prior to this year, and under the Vinny Del Negro regime, Noah was under utilized and misused. Now with the addition of Tom Thibodeau and his intense defensive schemes Noah is finally being used the way he was intended.

As a leading rebounder and confidence booster.

He’s a confidence booster in that when the Bulls take a shot, they can feel confident that Noah will be there to slam in the put-back or scoop up the rebound and give Rose or Deng a second chance at the bucket.

Derrick Rose is stealing all the progressive thunder in Chicago, but Joakim Noah is also having his best season to date.  He is establishing career highs in ppg, minutes and Field Goals Made while tying his career high in rebounds with 11.0 rpg.

Boozer may be Rose’s Robin, but Noah is without a doubt their Alfred.

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    Never mind Rose and Noah being cornerstones of this totally storied and proud Bulls franchise, Rose and Noah will remain in Chicago uniforms for the rest of their careers no matter what and these two will give these Bulls plenty of NBA titles for years and years down the road, something Jordan and Pippen once did for Chicago in the 90′s.One difference,I’m totally sure Rose and Noah will retire in Chicago uniforms, something Jordan $ Pippen never did and that is just about this organization’s only regret. GO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!