Bulls Win Eastern Conference; Clinch Home Court Advantage

CLEVELAND — The Bulls needed a win to lock down the number one seed in the Eastern Conference and secure home court advantage in the playoffs.

They got exactly that, winning in style at the Q in Cleveland, 93-82.

The win means the Bulls have won the Eastern Conference regular season for the first time since 1998, the last time they won a title.

It also means the road to the Finals in the East will go through Chicago and the Madhouse. This is a scenario both Bulls players and fans have been salivating over for weeks.

The reason for this is the Bulls are simply unstoppable at home, losing just five times all season there. Albeit it was to sub-par teams, the teams Chicago will face off against in the playoffs are winless at the United Center.

Chicago is almost guaranteed to face-off against the Indiana Pacers in the first round which will be an easy series win. After that it gets fun.

They will get either Orlando or Atlanta in the second round, both teams being beatable. The Magic-Bulls series would be more intriguing than that of a Hawks-Bulls series simply because the Magic are a powerhouse.

Nothing the Bulls can’t handle.

After that it’s the dream matchup between either the Heat and Bulls or Celtics and Bulls. It will perhaps be one the two best seven-game series in the playoffs. The other being the Spurs-Lakers in the same situation in the West.

Then, if the Bulls win, you get one of the best Finals in years. Either a nostalgic 20th Anniversary rematch between the Lakers and Bulls which could set off another dynasty.

Or you get a Spurs-Bulls Finals where you have the two best home teams in the NBA squaring off.

Either way, the Bulls are on a three game high because after all, they’re the regular season Eastern Conference Champions for the first time since 1998.

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