Keith Bogans may not be a fan favorite, but he's starting for a reason

Breaking Down The Bulls: Keith Bogans

Ahhh, Keith Bogans….yup.

As much as I rag on Bogans and dawn the nickname Bogus Bogans on him, he is nevertheless more of a contributor to the team than me. He may not always hit the right shots, or play defense the way he is suppose to, or look like a player who has the experience he has, but he is the starting Shooting Guard for the Bulls for some reason.

That reason, I’m not sure.

Kyle Korver or Ronnie Brewer are far more qualified to fill the starting role, but Tom Thibodeau must see something in Bogans that none of us do.

And if the Bulls were as down on Bogans as the fan base and writers are, then they would have bent over backwards to make a deal at the deadline to replace him. Instead they merely added Rasual Butler who poses no real threat to take the starting job from Bogans.

Bogans is scoring just 4.3 ppg, but again, Tom Thibodeau is using him in his defensive schemes and if it’s working and it ain’t overall as a whole broke, then why fix it?

  • Arbitrarity

    I don’t know why the Bulls and media are so surprised about the slow offensive start to every game when it’s clear the reason is that they’re relying on 4 scorers versus 5 as the game starts.

    And, it’s part of why the Bulls outscore opponents by a huge margin in the 4th. Bogans gives way to the mix of Brewer/Korver. Both of whom are greater offensive threats, while Brewer is also a better defender.

    I see why this is done, as games are most often won in the 4th quarter as the Bulls’ record shows. But there have been a few games where the sluggish 1st quarter start essentially puts them out of the game. Hopefully this changes for the playoffs, but we’ll see.

  • Javon’dre

    Damn straight! I could do without Bogans because Korver and Brewer are so much better. But Bigans is on the team for a reason I guess. Korver leading into Brewer would be a better option