The Bulls bench is a instrumental to this championship caliber team as the starting five is

Breaking Down The Bulls: The Bench

They don’t get much love from ESPN or the other major NBA media outlets, but if it wasn’t for the support of the Bulls bench, this team would wear a very different face.

The Bulls boast one of the NBA’s best benches that continually come into the game and relieve the starting five. Guys like Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer, Taj Gibson and even Omer Asik could be starting guys on any other roster.

The depth of the bench is going to be vital if the Bulls are really serious about this championship run and each guy has his own specialty that makes this bench so potent.

Taj Gibson and Omer Asik are quickly becoming hot commodities for other teams to add to their roster but the Bulls know the power and talent they possess in these two big men. Case and point being the Bulls could have traded one or both at the deadline to get that big name playmaker that everyone in the media felt the Bulls needed in order to rise up against the Celtics and Heat. The Bulls stuck to their guns and the payoff of keeping those two guys is far more rewarding than anyone they could have gotten in return via trade.

Kyle Korver carves it up from three point range as he did in Utah and another Utah import, Ronnie Brewer, serves as a decent sub for Keith Bogans.

And then of course there is the guy who seldom plays, but probably has as big a fan following as Derrick Rose and that guy is the White Mamba, Brian Scalabrine. The Ginger Giant seldom plays but when the Bulls are in the midst of blowing out a team, even away arena’s become filled with the deafening roar or “SCALABREENEE!!”

But even that serves as evidence that even if you don’t play, you can still contribute by amping up the fans which amps up the bench and the starting five.

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