The Bulls are right in the thick of the fight for the top seed in the Eastern Conference.

Bulls Regain First; Own 1/2 Game Lead

CHICAGO — The Bulls had a chance to take over first  place come Monday, but that all rested on what the Celtics did.

Well the Bulls aren’t in first but they got the next best thing: a first place tie.

Chicago needed to win on Saturday and have Boston drop two straight games over the weekend. Boston went one for two, but that places the teams on even ground in the wins and loss columns. It’s down to the grind and Chicago actually has a pretty good chance to overtake first. Of Boston’s remaining 17 games, 10 of the are on the road with crucial road games in Chicago and Miami near the end of the season. Chicago has 9 of their last 17 on the road with big games in Atlanta, Orlando and New York.

This upcoming week is a crucial week for both teams as it gives each one an opportunity to get a leg up on the other. Chicago holds the cards now as they play three games in the next four days and Boston plays just two.  The Celtics are matched up against the Pacers on Wednesday and Rockets on Friday while the Bulls get the Wizards on Tuesday, Nets on Thursday and Pacers on Friday.

The teams schedule evens out again n Saturday with the Bulls resting and the Celtics playing in New Orleans, but for the remainder of the season, it will a bitter back and forth between the two teams with most of the ground being made up when on team doesn’t play. That’s why it is so important for neither team to slip up, because when one team does the advantage will swing the other way.

And with the way both these teams are playing, when one of them gets the upper hand, they may not let the other get back in. It’s looking more and more like the squaring off between the Bulls and Celtics in the United Center on April 7th may just be the game that decides the Eastern Conference.

But there is a lot of basketball left, and a lot of things can happen.

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    Chicago has not even lost 3 straight all season, but that April 7th game with


    Chicago has not even lost 3 straight all the way up to this season, but that April 7th game with Boston may determine postseason home-court.And Chicago will easily cruise to a 7th title if they don’t ever lose 3 straight all the way through the entire postseason,no matter if they play San Antonio in the Finals or Boston in the East Finals,never mind every other playoff team because all the rest of those playoff teams stand a zero chance.GO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eddy Depper

    Bulls aren’t going to overtake the Celtics. I’m sick of Bulls fans already

  • Julian

    Hey chill out man. Bulls are gonna do it and youre just peeved Boston isn’t gonna get what they want. You’re not entitled to it, thats why they play the games

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  • publanski

    Uh, the Net’s and Pacer’s games are not at the United Center. They’re both away games.


    This Chicago team will easily cruise to an NBA title if they don,t ever lose 3 straight the rest of the entire season and the Bulls are going to be a totally tough out even without home-court in the postseason,they’re going to be totally dangerous with home-court throughout the postseason,no matter if Chicago plays San Antonio in the Finals or Boston in the East Finals.May these Bulls win NBA title No.7 and endlessly counting after Jordan and Pippen.GO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!