Cover It Live: Bulls - Magic

It’s finally here: the first ever Pippen Ain’t Easy Cover It Live event. Come join us as we talk Bulls and basketball, all while watching the Bulls take on the Magic.

It’s really simple to join. Here’s the deal: just visit Pippen Ain’t Easy starting a 5pm tonight (that’s when the party starts but it’s okay if you come late), and click on the box that will be the top post. You can remind yourself by simply setting the reminder box at the bottom of the page. Then turn your TV to ESPN or tune that radio to ESPN Radio 1000 and you’re all set. You’ve got the Bulls, you’ve got Pippen Ain’t Easy and you’ve got other Bulls fans. There will be polls, Bulls trivia, maybe a contest or a giveaway and all the Bulls talk you could possibly want. It’s our first event, and we have plenty more upcoming. So kick back and relax; it’s Friday night, the Bulls are on and if you’re looking for a good time you aren’t the only one. It’s a party at our house tonight, Pippen Ain’t Easy’s first official Cover It Live event.

See you tonight starting at 5pm. Game-time is 6pm CT.

Pippen Ain’t Easy Cover It Live Schedule
3/4     @Magic              6pm CT        on ESPN
3/6     @Heat               12pm CT        on ABC
3/12   vs. Jazz               7pm CT      on WGN
3/22   @Hawks            7pm CT       on TNT
3/26   @Bucks             7:30 CT       on WGN
4/2     vs. Raptors       7pm CT       on WGN
4/7     vs. Boston         7pm CT      on TNT
4/10   @Magic            12pm CT     on ABC
4/12   @Knicks             7pm CT     on TNT

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    Chicago will return to that good old glory from the 90′s and Chicago will beat Boston all the time from now on whenever these 2 teams meet in a best of 7-game postseason series.Jordan and Pippen totally failed dating back to the 80′s and there was also a postseason game between these 2 teams where Jordan poured 63 points and yet Chicago never even beat Boston.Rose and Noah pushed Boston to a total of 7 overtimes and a 7th game in 2009 and just about brought down those Celtics for the first time.Rose and Noah will finally beat them all the time in the playoffs starting in May,something Jordan and Pippen could never accomplish.The Bulls’storied legacy will continue 4ever after winning 6 NBA titles and the Bulls will reverse their heartbreak to those Celtics in the near future. GO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!