Bulls Talk Episode 6

Today on BULLS TALK, the Bulls devour the Wizards, Derrick Rose continues his dominating MVP campaign, the Bulls show the formation of a Big-4, and Chicago pulls closer and closer to Boston and Miami. Plus we have exciting new contest news and a brand new event is coming to Pippen Ain’t Easy. You know what time it is…It’s Bulls Talk on Pippen Ain’t Easy Radio Network

Tags: Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose Eastern Conference Joakim Noah Luol Deng NBA Playoffs

  • Becky

    Another great episode. You should make this into a Podcast or something. That’d be really cool.

  • Dom

    Great show. I love how easy to listen to it is. You walk a fine line between fan and reporter, it’s pretty cool. Looking forward to more. Is there a Pippen Ain’t Easy YouTube channel?

  • Kelly

    Heat and Celtics don’t have nothing on Chicago! GO BULLS!!!

  • Roman

    That D-Rose play between his legs was hella ill!! I live in ATL, I’m going to the game! Shout out on the next show homie?