Celebrate D-Rose's All-Star Selction by Looking Like One

As you may already know, Derrick Rose has been named an All-Star Starter. This is the first time a Bull has held this title since 1998. But you can get in on the celebration too, by winning a free T-shirt courtesy of Mighty Fine.

We have had a contest running for over two weeks now and it’s not too late to join. Simply send us your favorite Bulls memory and we will send you a T-Shirt if we like what we hear.

Mighty Fine is one of the leading online clothing outlets which provide you with a plethora of options. They have NBA tees to appease the basketball fan in you, or stuff like Hello Kitty if you’re into that type of thing (we don’t judge your life, just your Bulls memory).

Now the tees we are giving away are women’s tees but never fear, they make the perfect gift. Guys do you have a special lady in your life? Does the wife have something annoying for you to do and you don’t want to do it? Give her a tee you won by expressing your fine literary skills and sending us your best Bulls memory. Heck, you might even get some tickets from her so she can use the shirt.

Ladies, the shirt is ultimately for you, so just cut out the middle man and send us your memories. That way we can send you your shirt without any obligations to your man. Enjoy your tee while he does the handiwork he was trying to get out of.

So celebrate D-Rose’s All-Star selection by looking like an All-Star yourself courtesy of Mighty Fine by sending us your favorite Bulls memory. You know you want one.

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