Happy 2011 from Pippen Ain't Easy

It has been on heck of year, that’s for sure. The Bulls are emerging as a force in the Eastern Conference and they are a delight to watch. Bulls fans can once again be proud to call themselves fans, as dominance is being restored.

The past decade had felt strange. It was as if the empire had been overthrown and the once kings were stuck out in the cold with absolutely nothing. 2010, however, brought about change. The Bulls have a revamped squad of players, a new head coach and a brand new attitude that’s starting to get noticed. There is no doubt that 2011 will be one hell of a year.

At the end of the day, we as Bulls fans are all in this together, united we stampede at the United Center. We all want an NBA Championship back in Chicago, and I have a feeling this coming year is going to be unBULLeviable.

Stay safe and have a very Happy New Year, from all of us at FanSided and Pippen Ain’t Easy.

- Josh Hill
Editor, Pippen Ain’t Easy

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