Derrick Rose suffer a sprained wrist, as well as an ankle injury on Monday

Derrick Rose Sprains Wrist

CHICAGO — Derrick Rose and the Bulls have learned the star point guard has a sprained right wrist, although X-rays were negative. Rose injured his wrist when he fell hard on the court in the fourth quarter of Monday nights 92-73 win over the Indiana Pacers. Rose looked as though he was forty years old after the game in locker room as he had ice on both his knees and his wrist while his feet were soaking in a bucket of ice. “Look at him, man,” said center Joakim Noah “He’s too young to be looking like that.”  Of his fourth quarter fall Rose had this to say:

“I saw my whole future flash before my eyes, coming down. I thought it was going to be worse than that. But right now it just feels sore.”

“All the bones are in the right place,” Bulls athletic trainer Fred Tedeschi said. “So from that point, we know that it’s not too severe from the sprain standpoint, so we’ll just kind of keep our fingers crossed and hope it stays that way.” Rose is set to be re-evaluated Tuesday. He was a large part of the Bulls win over the Pacers, although teammate and sidekick Carlos Boozer did have the superior night. One has to dream of what the outcome of the game would have been had Rose not gotten hurt. Prior to the fall that sprained his wrist Rose tweaked his ankle and spent some time on the bench. “I know [Tuesday] is going to probably be a bad day,” he said. “Especially resting, sleeping, it’s going to get tight. Everything’s going to get tight on my body, but [I'll] get treatment and we got to play in a couple more days.”

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