The Bulls allowed a season high 17 rebounds to Kevin Garnett

Gameday Review: Another Tough Loss

The Bulls allowed a season high 17 rebounds for Kevin Garnett.

The Bulls needed to go into TD Garden and win, and win they did not. It wasn’t a 29 point embarrassment, but a loss is still a loss. The Bulls are now 9-8 and fall to 4-6 on the road. The Bulls did manage to keep it relatively close throughout the game, however such a thing isn’t reflected in  any statistic that would help a playoff push; it’s merely the Bulls seeing what maturity looks like, but nevertheless remaining the ‘Baby Bulls’.

There were positives despite the handicap of the final score. Carlos Boozer played about the same amount of time and mustered up 12 points and 2, count them, 2 rebounds. Derrick Rose led the team in scoring, besting his season low of 15 by 5. Not quite a 30 point performance but a step in the right direction. Joakim Noah also managed to rebound, he had 10 of them and scored 14 points. Bulls fans were also treated to a Taj Gibson sighting as the 6″ 9′ Forward scored 10 points off the bench in a 26 minute performance. He was making up for lackluster one Kieth Bogans turned in, he was rendered basically stat-less in 13 minutes on the court. Bogans’ lone stat came in the form of a rebound. Joakim Noah vehemently swore earlier last month that Kevin Garnett “will not — will not — get a Christmas present” from him. Well Kevin….Merry Christmas buddy; The Bulls kindly wrapped up 20 points and a season high 17 rebounds and promptly gave it to Garnett on Friday. Hope you liked it, however Chicago forgot a bow. It really didn’t look like Garnett or the Celtics minded.

I guess in short, the Bulls lost. It wasn’t a complete destruction of the entire team in every aspect, but it’s still not a win. There were bright spots, such as Boozer getting more than 5 points, and Rose scoring 20 while Santa Claus, I mean Joakim Noah totaled 10 rebounds as opposed to none. Then again if those stats are what your banking on for a good nights rest, I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night tonight, because the weather outside wasn’t the only thing that was frightful for Chicago tonight.

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