Chicago Bulls Have LeBron James Mania

Tracking down LeBron to the Bulls stories and setting them straight…

In today’s Tribune, K.C. Johnson wrote: “James’ uncertain future also introduces an internal debate on whether the two-time reigning Most Valuable Player is even the best fit with Derrick Rose. While James unquestionably is the game’s most dominant player, he dominated the ball on the court and input on organizational decisions off it in Cleveland.”

If the Bulls’ brass is contemplating that then they all need to be removed from the facility immediately and they should never, ever have jobs in the NBA again. Seriously? He’s a superstar. Of course he’s going to have input and at times dominate the ball. But Derrick is the point and LeBron can actually make him better too.

Here was the poll next to this story:

Joe Johnson and Phil Jackson or LeBron and Cal? I’d take LeBron and me as the coach. Or even you. You can always fire coaches. Is everyone on crazy pills?

As for Coach Cal, he tweeted that he was staying at Kentucky for one reason: to stop all the questions about LeBron and the NBA. It’s as simple as that.

And here’s the pièce de résistance, again from K.C. Johnson:

But the question — as crazy as it sounds — that Bulls management has to ask itself is if it already has its alpha male superstar to build around in All-Star Rose.

Would the Bulls be better off adding a space-the-floor shooter in Johnson — whose only drama would be a poor performance in the Hawks’ Eastern Conference semifinal loss to the Magic — and perhaps having enough money left to sign another piece?

These are questions for a higher pay grade. But the drama between now and whenever the Bulls hire a coach and enter free agency will remain intriguing.

No, those are questions for people that are over-drugged or possibly unconscious. I’d love to see the reaction on the faces around the table at a Bulls organizational meeting when someone were to ask, “But guys…do you think we might better off with Joe Johnson so we get better floor-spacing?”

LeBron James > Joe Johnson + whatever. Easiest math ever.

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  • John

    I’m gonna have to disagree with you on the fact that “Lebron James > Joe Johnson + whatever.” Problem being, Lebron isn’t better than “Rajon Rondo + whatever.” Signing multiple stars as opposed to just Lebron is a better idea. I think D-Rose + Joe Johnson + Bosh is a better fit to be perfectly honest. Wade would be awesome with Bosh but Wade and Rose wouldn’t be the best fit, simply because I think it could stunt Rose’s growth. Lebron is turning out to be quite full of himself as well, which is bothersome to me.

    • LaMark Barnes

      I think the Bulls, if they do sign Lebron, would be better served saving the money on the second big name player and signing better role players. Too many cooks spoil the soup. Lets look at the Portland team from a few years back they had a bunch of big names and no team. Look at Cleveland this year bunch of big names and no team. The Bulls right now are team, you throw too many big names on it and they’ll probably lose their identity.

  • Zoner

    Bulls don’t have enough cash to get both Johnson and Bosh. The premise of the article is that the Bulls could sign Johnson and something else with whatever money is left over. That certainly couldn’t be Bosh.

    Joe Johnson is turning out to be quite full of himself too.

    If you think Dwyane Wade would stunt Rose’s growth, I think you should see a doctor.

  • ray

    Lets be serious folks. Leave the drugs alone please…… When you have a chance to get the greatest player on earth. thats not something you play with. Period…. Bulls management have been too conservative over the years.. Which is why they havent gotten out the first round. which is why they are still and forever going to be a 500 ball club. Players like joe johnson and and whoever comes and go. Not LeBron. Sometimes when we play against cleveland dont you wish he was on our side????

  • Daniel

    does anyone remember how full of himself jordan was? how much input in organizational decisions he had? lebron is good enough to have a little of that. the guy averages nearly a triple double. he’d make rose better as well. no argument.

  • alex

    How do you think the lakers won all those championships? Alot of big names. If they have a chance to get the best player in the league don’t over analyze. Just do it.