Brad Miller Has an F-Bomb for the Cavs

While James Johnson, Acie Law and Derrick Rose watch the big screen intently — the kiss cam, perhaps? — Brad Miller ends his 2010 playoff run and possibly his Bulls career with a bomb. An F-bomb to be precise, thrown at some member of the Cavaliers.

As to whom he is tossing this at is anyone’s guess. The first two words are clearly deciphered. The last one is not but I’ll guess it is a member of the Cavaliers. Anyone know who?

h/t: Hardwood Paroxysm

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  • Fing WOo

    Sounds like that dude has some serious issues.


  • Francis

    Looks like he says ‘Buddy’ at the end.

  • Arthur Dent

    I think he’s saying F*** YOUR MOTHER.

  • DanceAlexDance

    That lady said to him, “That guy on the Cavs said you have no balls”

    “F**k you buddy!”

  • saw it live

    I think this was directed at either shaq or the refs. It was kind of justified. He had just been called for two questionable fouls on the shaqtus.

  • Rick Hunter

    It was totally directed at the refs. I believe he just got fouled out or his 5th foul. A bad call, at that.

  • mike

    that would be a “f*ck you, p*ssy.”

  • Sonny

    I think he’s saying “Fuck you Boyle”. Probably referring to Dan Boyle of the Cavs.

  • griffiths

    He’s saying “f*ck you billy” and he’s referring to Bill Kennedy who was a referee during the game.

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  • rusty coontz

    he needs to b!chslap that woman yapping in his ear!

  • g

    F your mother

  • gabe

    You sure he didn’t say Vacuum buddy. maybe the floors to dirty.

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  • aj

    You people need to learn how to read lips. It’s pretty obvious that he says “F your mother”

  • graco-car-seats

    I believe Big Z yelled out the F-Bomb in frustration on FSO while in the tunnel at the end of the first half, I’m assuming because he didn’t get any time in.

  • Adam

    hahaha I’m glad I found this.. He is saying Fuck you Billy – its the ref that called the foul.

  • deep-fryers

    I’d rather the player be mad at the other team, than the huggy millionaires club ***** that goes on before and after games these days.

  • Justin

    Fuck you buddy looks right, but I can’t imagine Brad calling someone something as soft as ‘buddy’