Shaq Misses Easy Dunk Attempt

Man, Shaq is getting so old now he’s blowing dunk attempts that he would have broke the backboard with a few years ago. Kind of sad to see from the big fella.

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  • britaxcarseats

    Anything he does on the offensive end is negated by his inability/lack of desire to get back on defense. He still has some game but per minuite numbers can be deceiving.

  • cook

    He’s obviously no Andersen Varejao in getting back on defense. But then again, he never was. He was always slow getting back on defense cause he’s a big mutha…..but that doesn’t make him a defensive liability. In fact he’s a huge factor on defense even know based on his size and intimidation alone. I’d like the NBA to start keeping stats on how many less drives to the basket opposition guards have when playing against Shaq’s team. Or even when they do drive, end up kicking the ball out to the perimeter in fear or change shots into wild floaters……..not on the stat sheet….but if it were….has gotta be significant…