When Bling Goes Bad: The Jerome James Story

The intrepid reporters at TMZ have uncovered some interesting info on Chicago Bulls cheerleader/center Jerome James.

Jerome James is accused of dropping the ball when it came to paying off a 6.91 carat diamond engagement ring — and now the jeweler is out for revenge.

In the civil suit, filed in L.A. Superior Court today, Lemmerman’s Inc. claims James bought a $70,000 engagement ring in 2008. The jeweler claims Jerome paid $50,000 up front and promised to pay the balance.

And there’s more — according to the docs, Lemmerman’s maintained a credit account for James … who allegedly racked up a grand total of $96,000 in bling-related purchases.

The jeweler claims the seven-foot Bulls backup hasn’t made a payment since January 2009.

Fun fact: Jerome James ruptured his Achilles tendon in January 2009, and hasn’t played one minute for the Bulls this season.

The man they call “Big Snacks” likes big bling too, but apparently not big debt. The more important question is this: what will be your best memory of the Jerome James era?

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